Terms & Conditions
The below Terms & Conditions are in addition to the Terms mentioned in the Cardholder Agreement and Most Important Terms & Conditions.
The Cardholder understands that the images provided in the digital library as a part of the MyImage Credit Card feature are Intellectual Property of Kotak Mahindra Bank and the Cardholder claims no rights, interest or titles over the image(s) selected for the personalization to MyImage Credit Card
Replacement fee and image selection fee as applicable will be shown at the time of Image selection through the channel from which Cardholder is applying
Replacement fee and image selection fee will be applicable for any card personalization (Primary & Add-on), but will be billed to Primary Card only
The applicable Image Selection and Card Replacement fees, as specified from time to time by Kotak Mahindra Bank (including government taxes like service tax, GST, etc., if any) will be charged for every replaced MyImage Credit Card issued upon Cardholder’s request
Kotak Mahindra Bank provides its Credit Cardholders with an option to personalize their existing Credit Cards with MyImage Credit Card. This option is currently enabled for all card variants except Wealth Infinite Credit Card, Wealth Management Credit Card, Privy League Platinum and Signature Credit Cards, NRI Signature Credit Card, Kotak Solaris Credit Card, Kotak Corporate Credit Card, Kotak Travel Agent Credit Card, Kotak Purchase Credit Card, Kotak Best Price Credit Card and Kotak Metro Credit Card
Cardholder’s Credit Card number will change if cardholder chooses to replace an existing Kotak Credit Card with a MyImage Credit Card
Charges for the replacement card will get billed in the immediate following cycle, post replacement request is processed
Renewal will have the same image (if any) as per the user’s selection. No separate charges will be applicable to the Cardholder in case of renewal of the card upon expiry, if there is no change in the image code
The existing card will be deactivated in the next 45 days or after the 1st transaction on the Cardholder's new MyImage Credit Card, whichever is earlier. On receipt of the new card, the Cardholder needs to destroy the old card by cutting it diagonally across the magnetic stripe or shredding the same.
If the Cardholder has any ongoing Standing Instructions, the Cardholder has to ensure that the replaced credit card number is updated with the concerned merchant (e.g. insurance provider, telecom service provider, etc.) for any Standing Instructions the Cardholder may have set up
The Bank, at its absolute discretion, may issue a replacement card with a new PIN, in cases where the MyImage Credit Card is lost, stolen or damaged. In case a request for a replacement card is made, the Cardholder shall receive a replaced MyImage Credit Card with the same image as the previous MyImage Credit Card