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Kotak Mahindra Bank's Transaction Banking is the process of optimisation of receivables and payables while ensuring predictability in the cash flows. In a geographically large country like India, which has a complex financial clearing system, you will find it increasingly challenging to process collections and payments across dispersed business locations. This results in delayed realization and uncertainty in the funds flow resulting in additional borrowing and resultant increased borrowing cost.

Efficient Transaction Banking is about 'getting funds in time', quick transfers, faster realization of local and outstation cheques, easy disbursements, account reconciliation, controlled processes and customised MIS. Transaction Banking eliminates the inherent delays of the traditional funds transfer mechanism, enhancing liquidity and ensuring optimum planning and utilization of funds.

The Bank's Cash Management Services include the following basic components:
1. Collection or Receivables Management
2. Payment or Payables Management
3. Liquidity and Investment Management Services

  1. Optimal management of payables and receivables
  2. Efficient cash flow management
  3. Financial Benefits: You can reduce interest cost on borrowings by getting access to your funds faster. Additionally you will be able to improve the firm's liquidity position by realizing cheques sooner, and also positively impacting the Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios.
  4. Operational Benefits: You will be able to manage Banking & Treasury functions with a significant reduction in resource-costs as a major part of the Funds and Liquidity Management Functions get outsourced to the Bank. This clearly stands out as a cost saving device.
  5. Control Benefits: Cash Management Services allows you to maintain better control over various Banking and Treasury related activities, improving turnaround time and faster reconciliation. This product also takes care of fraud prevention, security and other controls.
  6. Collection: We collect funds on your behalf from your debtors, such as retail investors, corporates, and institutions etc. These funds can be in the form of cash, cheques, demand drafts or pay orders. The instruments are sent to the appropriate clearing houses and the funds are collected. All the collected funds are subsequently deposited into a central account, the 'Brokers Pooling Account'.
  7. Payments: We provide you a payable At-Par Cheque Book, which enables you to issue local cheques at all branch locations of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Our At-par cheque facility helps you to eliminate the hassles of obtaining demand drafts or opening current account at each location. Through our other disbursement solutions, you can also carry out bulk disbursement either through a fax or an email instruction in the form of:
    • Bulk Demand Draft
    • Remote Pay-out
    • Cheque Writing

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