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  1. Average Monthly Balance (AMB) of Rs. 10,000/-
  2. Earn up to 6% interest on your saving account balance*
  3. Free Online transfers (NEFT, RTGS. IMPS) - To help you Go Cashless!
  4. Get JIFI Platinum Chip Debit Card fat only Rs.99/-= Per annum. with enhanced daily purchase limit of Rs. 200000 and daily ATM cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 50,000
  5. Hashtag Banking - Mobile & DTH recharge, account updates, cheque book request and many more account activities just a tweet away
  6. Kotak ActivMoney - Converts saving account balance above a certain amount into Term Deposits, so you earn a higher rate of interest
  7. Refer friends & get rewarded
  8. Get free 25 cheque leaves per quarter.


* Earn up to 6% p.a. interest on savings account balance over Rs 1 lakh and up to Rs 5 crs. Earn 5% p.a. interest on savings account balance up to Rs 1 lakh and 5.5% p.a. interest on savings account balance above Rs 5 crs. Applicable for Resident Accounts only.


To apply for Kotak Jifi account you need to be :

  • Resident Indian (sole or joint account)
  • Age - 18 years and above

Acceptable KYC Documents for Resident Individuals

Documentation checklist for resident individuals except foreign nationals

DocumentIdentity ProofResidence ProofSignature Proof
Driving License
Valid licence
PAN Card
(also refer notes below)
Voter's Identity Card
(Election Card)
Ration Card    
Valid ID Documents
Card with Photo issued by Govt. Org, PSU, Statutory/ Regulatory Authority, Scheduled Commercial Banks, Public Financial Institutions & Professional Bodies like ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI, Bar Council, etc. to their Members.
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(If signature included)
College ID Card
Existing and valid card issued by colleges affiliated to universities. Applicable only if a/c with parent/guardian as Joint Holder.
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(If signature included)
Marriage Certificate
for married women (irrespective of primary or joint or single holder) and not acceptable for husband.
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(Not to be accepted as address proof of a woman if the account is held singly by her)
(If signature included)
Introductory Reference
Customer's Banker except Cooperative Bank - to be obtained by KMBL - IP cheque mandatory from the same account.
(If photo verified)
(If address verified)
(If signature verified)
Utility Bill
Electricity / Telephone / Mobile / Piped Gas / Water bill / Broadband bill - Not more than 3 months old.
Letter from Housing Society
Only for owners with latest 2 months Maintenance bill.
Registered Leave & License Agreement
For Tenants
Bank Statement
Active Account - signed & stamped or with logo / printed by Bank (internet downloads not accepted).
Bank Statement
Bank statement with watermark logo of the issuing bank without the stamp and signature of the authorised bank official, can be accepted if the bank branch address mentioned on the statement and the Self Signed Initial Payment cheque is same. Branch address on the statement preferably to be a printed one. In case of handwritten branch address, same to be signed and stamped by authorised bank official of the issuing bank.
Bank Account Passbook
Active accounts of schedule commercial banks only along with the bank seal/ stamp and signature of the bank official. (updated and not more than 3 months old)
(If photo verified by the issuing bank branch then Initial Payment mandatory from the same bank account)
(If address verified)
Sale Deed   
Self-signed Cheque or Product AMB
(in case the cheque is from a co-operative bank a six month bank statement would also be required)
Wealth/ Income/ Sales/ Service Tax Assessment Order
Not more than 6 months old
Introductory reference from existing Kotak Bank customer
For a No Frills Accounts, existing customer for more than 6 months - a/c conduct satisfactory & introducer knows new customer for 1 year or more
Postal Certificate  
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(If signature included)

Please note the Documents are subject to change as per RBI Guidelines

Helpful Tips:

Points to note for a smooth account opening process at the branch:

  1. Photocopies need to be self-attested by the applicant
  2. Original document required for each photocopy submitted
  3. Site verification report will be required for opening account
  4. Form to be filled in CAPITAL LETTERS and BLACK ink only
  5. Countersign any overwriting / alteration
  6. Hint boxes give tips and highlight important points across the form, please read the same carefully
  7. Appropriate boxes need to be ticked
  8. Name needs to be written as it appears in the applicant's support documents
  9. Address needs to be specified along with city, state & PIN code
  10. Nomination facility is available
  11. Cash not accepted as initial payment for account opening
  12. Introductory reference from existing Kotak Bank customer of more than 6 months - account conduct satisfactory & introducer knows new customer for one year or more

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What is a Kotak Jifi account?

Jifi is a new age digital account that offers unparalleled convenience. Easy & anytime access, hassle-free transactions and numerous benefits, that is what Jifi is all about. What's more, banking is now social & more rewarding as you can receive banking account updates through Twitter, do Free Funds transfer through NEFT/IMPS online and adding friends to your Jifi network.

Jifi has four account variants:

ParticularsJifi NeoJifi SaverJifi ProJifi
Minimum Balance RequirementNo Minimum BalanceINR 10,000INR 20,000No Minimum Balance
Interest rates offered5.0% p.a. on balances up to Rs. 1 lac
6% p.a. on balances above Rs. 1 lac
5.0% p.a. on balances up to Rs. 1 lac
6% p.a. on balances above Rs. 1 lac
5.0% p.a. on balances up to Rs. 1 lac
6% p.a. on balances above Rs. 1 lac
EligibilityResident Indian IndividualsResident Indian IndividualsResident Indian IndividualsResident Indian Individuals
You may also mention the type of account - Savings / current.

What is the minimum balance I need to maintain for all the account variants?

JIFI Neo (Savings): JIFI Neo account does not require any minimum balance to be maintained. However, as a part of the activation and the verification process, funding the account with minimum amount of
Rs. 5, 000 is required, which you can later utilize for online transactions or any other banking needs.
JIFI Saver (Savings): It comes with a minimum balance requirement of Rs. 10,000. The balances you maintain earn you up to 6% p.a. interest
JIFI Pro (Savings): It comes with a minimum balance requirement of Rs. 20,000. The balances you maintain earn you up to 6% p.a. interest
JIFI (Current): JIFI account does not require any minimum balance to be maintained. However, as a part of the activation and the verification process, funding the account with minimum amount of Rs.10, 000 is required, which you can later utilize for online transactions or any other banking needs.

What are the charges levied on the account variants

  • Jifi Neo
  • Jifi Saver
  • Jifi Pro
  • Jifi

To know about the complete charges click here

How can I fund the account?

It surely is an effortless process. You can fund your account online through Net Banking or a Debit Card transaction from your other bank account(s) or handover a cheque to our executive at the time of account opening.

Why do I need to make an Initial Payment if my account does not require a minimum balance, in case of the Jifi/ Jifi Neo variant of the account?

As a part of the activation and the verification process, funding the account with minimum amount, which you can later utilize for online transactions or any other banking needs.

Below are the product vise minimum amount to be funded:

Jifi Neo: Rs 5,000
Jifi: NIL

Does the account earn interest?

JIFI Neo/Saver/Pro: Yes, these accounts offer you interest on the daily balances maintained in the account.
The rate of interest offered is

  • Up to INR 1 lac - 5.0 % p.a.
  • Above INR 1 lac - 6.0 % p.a.

JIFI: When your account balance crosses Rs. 25, 000 and the amount sweeps out towards a Term Deposit (TD), you will earn interest as per the existing term deposit rates as applicable for a 180 days deposit. This is only if the customer has availed ActivMoney and not otherwise.

Do these product variants provide funds transfer facility?

Yes. These accounts do offer both online and offline funds transfer facility through NEFT/IMPS/RTGS

Funds transfer online using NEFT/IMPS/RTGS is absolutely free of cost. For offline charges you can refer the General Schedule of Features and Charges

What are the detailed features and charges of this account?

To know about the complete charges and features related to all the JIFI account variants click here

How can I apply for a Jifi account?

Simply sign-up through the Facebook or email option available on the home page and complete the online application process to get started.

When would my Jifi account get active?

Once you have filled the online application form, our representative would visit you for completion of documentation formalities. Once that is done, your account would get active within the next 7-10 working days.

Which documents do I need to submit to open a JIFI Account?

You need to submit two set of documents.

  • Personal information - To verify your identification details, you need to submit your PAN Card, Aadhar Card or Passport
  • Communication Address - To verify your address, you can submit your home Electricity or Telephone Bill.
    In the absence of these documents, other relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) documents will be accepted.
    In case the communication address is different from the permanent address, Bank shall initiate an address visit to confirm the residence proof.

Tell me more about the JIFI Transaction rewards program

The Jifi Transaction rewards program is currently available for the following Jifi Variants.

Jifi Pro and Jifi

To know about the details of the Transaction Rewards program, click here.

Would I be able to enjoy benefits of the Loyalty Program (Jifi Pro/Jifi) without a Facebook account?

We're passionate about the social element of banking with Jifi, and hence the loyalty program has been designed to require a login with Facebook.

  • Jifi Pro & Jifi Saver are savings account with an Average Monthly Balance (AMB) requirement of Rs.20,000 & Rs. 10,000, respectively. Non-maintenance of minimum AMB invites charges as mentioned in Fee and Charges section. Jifi Neo & Jifi CA are digital accounts and  no minimum balance is required to be maintained in the account, hence , non- maintenance charges will not be levied in  these 2 accounts..
  • Jifi Pro, Jifi Saver and Jifi Neo are savings account and Customers earn 5% p.a. interest on balances below Rs. 1 Lac and 6% p.a. interest on balances on and above Rs. 1 Lac. Jifi CA being a non-interest bearing digital current account, no interest would be given for the balance maintained in the account.
  • For more details, please refer to detailed General Schedule of Fees & Charges (GSFC) for these products.
  • Jifi Pro & Jifi CA have Social & Transaction Loyalty Rewards as one of its feature.
    • The Social Loyalty points are earned by the customer right from the time the customer applies for Jifi account and these points can be accumulated and redeemed against the voucher available from time to time on the website www.kotakjifi.com. The points table is available on website.
    • The Transaction Loyalty points are earned on online shopping and online bill payments. SI, ECS, NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, PoS & ATM transactions are not eligible for transaction rewards. In case any of the transactions which are cancelled later, the rewards given for the same will be reversed.
    • 4 transaction points are equivalent to Re. 1. Bank may revise the conversion rate of transaction points to Rupee from time to time. Transaction Points can be redeemed on www.kotakjifi.com.
    • For Jifi Pro customer, for every transaction in multiple of Rs. 1000, Bank will award 100 transaction points against every 1000 rupees. 50% additional transaction points will be awarded on using Kotak bank's m-store for shopping. Maximum transaction points that will be awarded for one transaction are 500 points. For first 6 eligible transactions only, reward points will be given to the customer in a month.
    • For Jifi CA customers, Bank will award 100 transaction points for a transaction of Rs.500 or more with a capping of 6 such transactions in a month.
    • Second way to earn Transaction point is through referral – All referrals have to be made on the website www.kotakjifi.com using the link provided on the website. The referred person has to use the same link to apply for Jifi Pro or Jifi CA for the customer to qualify for the Transaction Points.
    • Each successful referral who opens a Jifi Pro or Jifi CA account would be eligible for 1,000 Transaction points with a maximum such conversion capped at 25 in year and thus the maximum cap for Transaction points thru referral in a year is 25,000 points.
    • In a scenario that a same person is referred by more than 1 person, the rewards will be given to the person whose link the referred person has used to open the account.
  • The Transaction & Social points can be redeemed on the website www.kotakjifi.com – the T&C of the offers made for the voucher are from respective partners and Kotak shall not be held responsible for any deficiencies in the services provided by these partners.
  • In case the customer closes the relationship with the bank, the website www.kotakjifi.com will be accessible to the customer up to 15 days after closing the account, to redeem the points and in case there are any points left after that, it will lapse and they cannot be encashed.
  • The Jifi product offers Hashtag Banking facility, where once they register for Hashtag banking using their Debit card or Net Banking, the customer would be able to use the registered twitter handle to ask for various services about their account. These response messages will be DM (direct message) to the customer's connected twitter handle from Kotak Twitter Handle. The List of hashtags are given on the website www.kotakjifi.com

For terms & conditions of other Kotak Products & Services - click here

Please refer the following illustration for the calculation of AMB.

Sample Bank Statement:

Sr. no.DateNarrationWithdrawalDepositClosing balance
1January 1st, 2012Opening Balance  Rs. 10,000/-
2January 10th, 2012ECS Credit-VD Rs. 10,000/-Rs. 20,000/-
3January 16th, 2012Cash WithdrawalRs. 5,000/- Rs. 15,000/-
4January 25th, 2012Cheque Deposit- MICR Clearing Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 35,000/-
5January 28th, 2012HPCL Petrol Pump POS 43860000000012Rs. 1,000/- Rs. 34,000/-
6January 30th, 2012Cash Deposit Mumbai Rs. 9,000/-Rs. 43,000/-
7January 31st , 2012Funds TransferRs. 25,000/- Rs. 18,000/-

AMB Calculation:

Sr. No.Time PeriodCalculationAmount (Rs.)
1EOD Balance from January 1st, 2012 to January 9th, 2012Rs. 10,000/- x 9Rs. 90,000/-
2EOD Balance from January 10th, 2012 to January 15th, 2012Rs. 20,000/- x 6Rs. 1,20,000/-
3EOD Balance from January 16th, 2012 to January 24th, 2012Rs. 15,000/- x 9Rs. 1,35,000/-
4EOD Balance from January 25th, 2012 to January 27th, 2012Rs. 35,000/- x 3Rs. 1,05,000/-
5EOD Balance from January 28th, 2012 to January 29th, 2012Rs. 34,000/- x 2Rs. 68,000/-
6EOD Balance for January 30th, 2012Rs. 43,000/- x 1Rs. 43,000/-
7EOD Balance for January 31st , 2012Rs. 18,000/- x 1Rs. 18,000/-
 Total EOD balances for the month January 2012 Rs. 5,79,000/-
 Divide by the no. of days in the month 31
 Average Monthly Balance (AMB) Rs. 18677.42/-
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