Ace Salary Account

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An account that packs a range of premium solutions designed to meet the requirements of professionals looking for wealth benefits within salary account.

  1. Free Zero Balance Account (subject to salary credits). Earn up to 6% interest p.a. on savings account balance 1
  2. ActivMoney: Earn higher interest on funds lying idle in your savings account with auto Sweep-In / Sweep-Out facility
  3. Free Electronic Fund Transfer
  4. Unlimited value demand draft at home location and delivered to registered communication address
  5. Unlimited VISA ATM Transactions at all ATM's in India
  6. Platinum Debit Card with Rs. 2 lakhs cash withdrawal / shopping limit per day
  7. 2.5% Fuel Surcharge Waiver at any petrol pump1
  8. Lost Card Liability Insurance of Rs. 2 lakhs
  9. Lost Baggage Insurance of Rs. 1 lac
  10. Personal/Home Loans at preferred rates with reduced processing fee
  11. Up to 100% car finance with preferred rates offered by Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited, a Kotak Group Company2
  12. PVR Kotak Credit Card – Get Two PVR ticket on spends of Rs. 7500/- per month. Choose of suite of Credit Cards as per your requirements.
  13. Free Investment Account1 – Redeem or purchase from over 2200 Mutual Funds online
  14. Online 3-in-1 trading cum Demat account with account opening charges and 1st year annual maintenance charges waived
  15. Preferred brokerage rates at 30 Paise delivery buy or sell1
  16. Fixed Deposits at attractive rates
  17. Free unlimited payable at par cheque book
  18. Free cash withdrawal other than home location branches
  19. Free office and home banking1
  20. Air Accident Insurance of Rs. 20 lac
  21. Purchase Protection of Rs. 1,00,000/-
  22. Free Net Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS and Phone banking
  23. Utility bill payment services through Auto Pay
  24. Netc@rd
  25. Interbank Mobile Payment Services
  26. Online Term Deposit
  27. Visa money transfer
  28. Payment Gateway
  29. 24x7 dedicated customer care
  30. Kotak World Travel Card
  31. Best Compliments Card


1Conditions apply. All benefits are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Earn up to 6% p.a. interest on savings account balance over Rs 1 lakh and up to Rs 5 crs. Earn 5% p.a. interest on savings account balance up to Rs 1 lakh and 5.5% p.a. interest on savings account balance above Rs 5 crs. Applicable for Resident Accounts only.

2Conditions Apply. Credit subject to complete documentation and at the sole discretion of the bank and incase of Auto Loan at the discretion Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited.

Non chip enabled Debit Cards issued on or after December 1, 2013, cannot be used outside India.


This product is offered to employees drawing net take home salary of Rs. 50,000/- and above. Please check if your corporate is empaneled with us for Salary2Wealth Program.

Acceptable KYC Documents for Resident Individuals

ISA documents for resident individuals except foreign nationals

DocumentIdentity ProofResidence ProofSignature Proof
Driving License
Valid licence
PAN Card
(also refer notes below)
Valid Photo Credit/Debit Card
Issued by any bank. Only if the Photo and Signature are printed on the front of the card.
Voter's Identity Card
(Election Card)
Ration Card (Only address proof)   
Valid ID Documents
Card with Photo issued by Govt. Org, PSU, Statutory/ Regulatory Authority, Scheduled Commercial Banks, Public Financial Institutions & Professional Bodies like ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI, Bar Council, etc. to their Members
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(If signature included)
College ID Card
Existing and validcard issued by colleges affiliated to universities.Applicable only if a/c with parent/guardian as Joint Holder
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(If signature included)
Marriage Certificate
for married women (irrespective of primary or joint or single holder) and not acceptable for husband
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(Not to be accepted as address proof of a woman if the account is held singly by her)
(If signature included)
Introductory Reference
Customer's Banker except Cooperative Bank - to be obtained by KMBL - IP cheque mandatory from the same account
(If photo verified)
(If address verified)
(If signature verified)
Utility Bill
Electricity/Telephone/Mobile/Piped Gas/Water bill/ Broadband bill not more than 3 months old
Letter from Housing Society
Only for owners with latest 2 months Maintenance bill
Registered Leave & License Agreement
For Tenants
Bank Statement
Active Account - signed & stamped or with logo / printed by Bank (internet downloads not accepted)
Bank Statement
Bank statement with watermark logo of the issuing bank without the stamp and signature of the authorised bank official, can be accepted if the bank branch address mentioned on the statement and the Self Signed Initial Payment cheque is same. Branch address on the statement preferably to be a printed one. In case of handwritten branch address, same to be signed and stamped by authorised bank official of the issuing bank.
Bank Account Passbook
Active accounts of schedule commercial banks only along with the bank seal/ stamp and signature of the bank official. (updated and not more than 3 months old)
(If photo verified by the issuing bank branch then Initial Payment mandatory from the same bank account)
(If address verified)
Sale Deed   
Self-signed Cheque or Product AQB
(in case the cheque is from a co-operative bank a six month bank statement would also be required)
Wealth/ Income/ Sales/ Service Tax Assessment Order
Not more than 6 months old
Introductory reference fromexisting Kotak Bank customer
For a No Frills Accounts, existing customer for more than 6 months - a/c conduct satisfactory & introducer knows new customer for 1 year or more
Postal Certificate  
(If photo included)
(If address included)
(If signature included)

Please note the Documents are subject to change as per RBI Guidelines


*Authorized Signatory authentication on the Account Opening Form

As an organisation you can opt for Kotak Salary2Wealth Program to enable easy disbursement of salaries and ensure that your employees get the best offerings.

With Kotak Salary2Wealth Program, your employees will enjoy a comprehensive product suite to cater to the financial needs of the salaried individual.

Kotak Salary2Wealth program benefits you in more than one way:

  • Multiple options for Salary Credit –
    • Corporate Internet Banking | Web based module – NET IT | Branch Network
  • Reimbursement Account opening along with Salary Accounts using Insta Kits
  • Single point of contact across Kotak Consumer Bank offerings which include:
    • New Pension Scheme
    • Car Lease Program
    • ESOP Funding
    • Corporate Credit Cards
    • Corporate Funding
    • NR Accounts
    • Knowledge Series Workshops
  • FINMALL's @ Corporate Premises – One stop shop for financial solutions for your employees
  • PARICHAY @ Corporate Premises – Service level initiatives for your employees


1Conditions Apply

2Conditions Apply. Credit subject to complete documentation and at the sole discretion of the bank and incase of Auto Loan at the discretion Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited.

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