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Get peace of mind with Kotak Mahindra Bank's Safe Deposit Lockers - our banking service providing security to your precious jewellery, documents and other valuables.

Privy Benefits

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  1. Convenient locker sizes: Choose from a range of options - small, medium and large.
  2. Dual key security: Two keys required at once, to open the locker. One stays with you and the other with the bank.
  3. Safety: Branches are equipped with security features like, burglar alarm, iron-gated vault & electronic surveillance via CCTV.
  4. Ease of location: Locker facility is available in over 350 branches across the country.
  5. Multiple access: You can add or remove individuals who can operate the locker on your behalf.
  6. Ease of payment: You can instruct the branch to debit the annual locker rent from your savings/current account.
  7. Nomination facility: You can nominate your close ones for Safe Deposit Lockers.


Allotment of locker is subject to availability.


Locker facility can be availed by:

  • Individuals
  • Limited companies
  • Associations, clubs and trusts

Locker allotment subject to terms & conditions

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What can you store in our locker?

Property documents, Jewellery, Loan Documents, Birth / Marriage Certificates, Savings Bonds, Insurance Policies, other confidential and private items which need safekeeping can be stored in our lockers.

What cannot be stored in the locker?

Chemicals, weapons, explosives, perishable items, narcotics, and other such dangerous /illegal items are NOT allowed to be stored in Safe Deposit Lockers.

How do I store it?

You may use air-tight (zip-sealed) plastic bags/pouches for safekeeping paper and other similar items to avoid exposure to humidity. You may also choose to laminate paper documents for longevity. Jewellery/ornaments and metal based articles can be stored in plastic/metal boxes which fit inside the locker. Please note that bank does not provide these storage items.

How often do I need to operate the locker?

You are required to operate your locker atleast once a year. For your safety and privacy, always operate your locker when you are alone in the locker vault.

What if I lose the key?

Please inform your branch immediately about the loss of your locker key. They will inform you on the further course of action.


Recommendations are suggestive in nature and are based on common practice. Bank shall not be held liable for any damage to stored articles.

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