Car Loan EMI Calculator

A car is no longer a luxury but a necessity for most people. Kotak Mahindra Prime offers affordable and convenient car loans that feature flexible schemes and fast approvals.Availing a used or new car loan is quick, easy, and convenient. Users can find customized solutions with tenures of up to 7 years to avail auto loans at affordable costs.

If you are curious about the monthly instalment you will have to pay, simply use the EMI calculator for car loans. All you need to do is input the information about the vehicle and finances, and the calculator will automatically give you the car loan EMI calculation. Users can estimate their monthly instalments for used as well as new cars. The user-friendly interface allows you to easily modify the details to calculate the EMI amount.

Car Loan Amount
Interest Rate
Loan Tenure
  • Loan EMI

  • Total Interest Payable

  • Total Principal Payable

  • Total Payment
    (Principal + Interest)

Break-up of Total Payment

Using the Calculator

Whether you are using the used car loan EMI calculator or the new car loan EMI calculator, the procedure is easy to comprehend. Users have to simply key in the following details:

  • Proposed loan amount

  • Select the interest rate of your car loan

  • Duration of the loan

  • On the basis of this information, the calculator will automatically provide details on the monthly instalment that you will have to pay for the car loan and it helps to plan your budget wisely.

    Disclaimer: The above mentioned EMI is indicative & only for help of customers. The actual EMI may vary depending on prevailing Interest rate at the time of application. We do not guarantee its accuracy, or applicability to your circumstances.