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The Mutual funds we offer range from Debt to Equity and are drawn from renowned Asset Management Companies with a strong track record.

  1. Dedicated Relationship Manager to recommend the funds as per your investment objectives – short term and long term strategies
  2. Assistance at every step of the investment process
  3. An experienced research team to analyze and research the Mutual Funds available in the market
  4. A consolidated investment account to give you a snapshot of your entire mutual fund investments made through us and a lot more!
  5. Comprehensive recommendations that take into account all relevant factors including the investment philosophy of the Asset Management Company, portfolio quality, risk-adjusted returns and market trends.

Recommendation Process:

The recommended list of Mutual Funds is released on a half yearly basis. The selection criteria are based on a unique "Three Tier process" where factors like the consistency, alpha generation, risk management and Fund Manager skills are considered. The last 24 month performance of the funds is taken and various statistical tools are applied to arrive at the final set of recommended funds across various categories.


The Investment Account is a unique facility where you can view your portfolio of Mutual Funds online on a daily basis. With your Kotak Investment Account you can:

  • Transact in mutual funds from over 23 fund houses through Net banking, Phone Banking, Mobile banking or through a simple one page transaction request form.
  • Invest systematically by setting up Systematic Investment Plans through any of the above mentioned channels
  • Track the Net Asset Values and the portfolio performance
  • Get a consolidated view of your total mutual fund portfolio
  • Get access to Recommended funds
  • Register nominations for mutual fund Investments made through the Investment account
  • Get access to various reports like Capital gains /loss reports, Transaction Reports etc. through the Net Banking
  • Receive statements periodically

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Online investment facilities in Mutual Funds is available across all countries except USA and Canada

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