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Presenting Kotak Moneywatch. Your very own money manager.

With Kotak MoneyWatch, keep an easy watch on all your personal finances across all financial institutions at a single place. Whether they are Kotak Mahindra Bank accounts or any other Indian Financial Institution Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Mutual Fund Investments, Shares, Insurance Policies, Personal Loans, Fixed Deposits or anything else that concerns your money, they can all be tracked through Kotak MoneyWatch on your phone, laptop or iPad. What’s more, you don’t need to feed in the data manually, Kotak MoneyWatch will update all the data automatically for all your accounts.


Access Kotak MoneyWatch from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are.


Add all your financial relationships such as Bank Accounts, Term Deposits, Insurance, ULIPs, Gold, Mutual Funds, PPF, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, and Equities etc. and get a complete picture of your finances at one glance.


Simply add your financial institution or upload e-statements automatically update your records on Kotak MoneyWatch.


Generate reports on your spending patterns, Capital Gains, Profit and Loss etc. easily as Kotak MoneyWatch auto-categorises your transactions.


Calculate your income tax using the Income Tax Wizard and generate various reports such as Balance Sheet, AIR, and Cash Flow Statements easily


Create various reminders and alerts for services like telephone, electricity, gas, internet, etc. under the Events Calendar and Kotak MoneyWatch will send you alerts so that you never miss a due date.


Store your important financial documents like PAN Card, Form 16, Tax Returns, etc. securely for easy retrieval and access.


Track movement and performance of your various investments over various periods of time. The patterns thus revealed will allow you to have better control over your personal finances including that of your family.

*Kotak Mahindra Bank in arrangement with Perfios Software is offering to all its clients a Personal Finance Management Solution. This solution from Perfios will be referred to as Kotak Money Watch. All users who register on Kotak MoneyWatch after 1st April 2013 will be offered 1 month Free Platinum Plan after which the subscription plan will be changed to Free forever.

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What is Kotak MoneyWatch?

Kotak MoneyWatch is an online money manager which provides a complete view of your financial status anytime, anywhere. Be it Bank accounts, credit cards, mutual fund investments, shares, Insurance policies, loans, Fixed Deposits etc., anything that concerns your money, can be tracked with Kotak MoneyWatch.

How does Kotak MoneyWatch help me manage my Money?

Kotak MoneyWatch offers a 360 degree view of your personal finance in an automated way and lets you monitor and manage your finances with very little manual intervention. You can track your expenses, monitor your investments, get reminded about the renewal of your insurance policy, payment of credit card dues etc. Also, using our Mobile Apps, you can keep track of your petty cash expenses on the go.

Do I have to manually upload data to manage my money?

Not at all, you can choose anyone of the below 3 options:

  • Upload your excel file;
  • Upload your e-statements that you would receive from your Bank/MF in your Inbox as attachment (pdf/html). Kotak MoneyWatch currently recognizes close to 500 such e-statements, for upload in seconds.
  • Link directly to your bank/Mutual fund/Equity/Insurance etc. online account. Kotak MoneyWatch securely fetches transactions (only) automatically. Kotak MoneyWatch currently supports around 200 Indian institutions for automatic updates.

You can always enter data manually, but we would not suggest that as our automated system is in place to do exactly that.

Now that I have my data setup, what other features are available?

  • All financial instruments under one roof;
  • Upload or simply forward your e-statements to Kotak MoneyWatch;
  • Automatically connect to all your online accounts, get to see your net worth whenever you log in;
  • Auto categorize your bank and credit card transactions;
  • Calculate your income tax automatically using Kotak MoneyWatch;
  • Access your Kotak MoneyWatch account from your mobile phone;
  • Generate more than 30 reports like spending patterns, Capital Gains, Profit and Loss etc.;
  • Add various billers such as telephone, electricity, gas, internet etc. Kotak MoneyWatch will send you alerts so that you never miss a due date;
  • A folder to store your important financial documents at Kotak MoneyWatch;
  • And much more!

How safe is managing my money at Kotak MoneyWatch?

Completely. Kotak MoneyWatch works with some of the best names in the Data Security business to ensure highest level of security - VeriSign, TrustGuard and Paladion.

What is needed to sign up?

Just an email id. NO name, NO phone number, NO address.

So how truly secure is Kotak MoneyWatch? Is my data safe with Kotak MoneyWatch? Will my privacy be protected?

Kotak MoneyWatch does not have any private information of the users on its servers - only a valid email ID is required for registration and usage of the application. Kotak MoneyWatch is a read-only application - one cannot do any transaction using the application. So, if your institution supplied two internet passwords - one for reading and one for transacting, it is enough if you specify only the read-enabled password. Any login credentials you supply are encrypted and stored in your machine - no credentials are ever stored on its server. While transactions are stored on its server, since there is no private information stored, it is almost impossible to link transactions to any specific user.

Is Kotak MoneyWatch only for individuals or for family's money management also?

Family accounts can also be managed in your Kotak MoneyWatch account.

I am ready to get started, what do I do?

With just your email id, Click here for free Sign Up

How much do I have to pay for this?

All users who register on Kotak MoneyWatch after 1st April 2013 will be offered 1 month Free Platinum Plan after which the subscription plan will be changed to Free forever. If you wish to upgrade to Gold or Platinum plan, simply login to and pay online. For more details on Pricing, please Click here


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