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Kotak Money Watch is an Expense Management Tool that allows you to view month on month expense patterns, set budgets, keep a track of your cash and get a summary of your accounts and credit cards. So, start taking control of your expenses by effective planning as it can be linked to your Kotak Account and Credit Card.

With Kotak Money Watch:

  • You can easily categorize your top expenses of the month
  • Segregate your income and expenses into categories*
  • Keep track of cash in hand i.e. Cash withdrawn#
  • Create individual and combined bank account & Credit Card filter transactional details, based on amount, dates, type of transaction etc.

* Eg: If for the month of March, you set a budget of Rs. 1,000 for fuel, Rs. 3,000 for shopping & Rs. 2,000 for entertainment, you can keep track if you are over spending or under spending. #Keeping track of your transactions.

Key Points to Note:

  • It is free for you, automatically available for use
  • You don’t need any setup, it will work automatically
  • Categorization of transaction will also happen on its own, basis on the statement description generated

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What do I have to pay to avail of Money Manager from KOTAK MAHINDRA Bank services?

It is absolutely FREE.

What is the purpose of Money Manager on One View?

The One View page provides an overview of all your banking accounts and credit cards maintained with/issued by Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. It will show the top five expenses for the current month.

What do I get with Money Watch from KOTAK MAHINDRA Bank?

  • A predictable financial future. You'll see a day by day statistics of your accounts after allowing for all expenses, all the way to your next salary or any other income.
  • Monthly budget goals for any or all of your categories.
  • Charts to understand your spending habits. For example, you can see how much you've spent dining out or at a particular restaurant no matter which account you used to pay for it.
  • Your spending automatically assigned to standard categories or to new categories you dream up. And you can train it how to categorize your way, so you'll have fewer and fewer adjustments to make in future.

What doesn't Money Watch from Kotak Mahindra Bank do?

Retail customers, who have banking or Credit Card relationship with Kotak Mahindra Bank, can use Money Manager. It is for you if you are just starting out on your financial journey. Or, maybe you've been on your financial journey for a while, and you're finally ready to pay more attention. We designed Money watch for all.

Which browsers does Money Manager from Kotak Mahindra Bank support?

Money watch from Kotak Mahindra Bank supports the following browsers on the Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above
  • Google chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple safari

How is my information protected in Money Manager from Kotak Mahindra Bank?

We certainly understand any concerns you may have about the security of your information in Money Manager from Kotak Mahindra Bank. Money Manager from Kotak Mahindra Bank is part of Kotak Mahindra Bank's Internet Banking facility and follows the same security features as the rest of the website to ensure security of your online transactions and confidentiality of your data.

How do my transactions get categorized?

We categorize transactions based on their payees. A payee is the description for a transaction. It could be:

  • The name of a store, utility, or person that you paid
  • The name of a business or person who paid you
  • A type of transaction, such as MONTHLY FEE
  • Just the word CHEQUE or DEPOSIT

The payees from your bank often have a lot of extra text at the end. Whenever possible, the system will suggest more categories for common payees.

What if I don't like the way my description of transactions is automatically categorized?

You can change categorization of transactions to categorize future transactions as per your preferences.

Why are some of my transactions marked "Uncategorized"?

If the system doesn’t recognize a transaction, you are free to assign a category yourself. Money watch will learn from that, too, and use that category for future transactions.

Will my accounts get refreshed automatically?

Yes. The online accounts linked in Money Manager will get refreshed automatically on a regular basis.

How can I view transaction of any specific account?

There are separate pages for Bank Accounts & Credit Card. You can select specific account or all accounts together on these pages.

Can I file my taxes from Money Watch?

No. Kindly Visit E-Tax option on Net Banking for filing taxes


What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is a summary of all your accounts (banking accounts and credit cards) showing category wise expenses and budget performance as per selected account and time period. User will also be able to track his latest 30 transactions and expenses over a period of last three months. Income vs expense graph for a period of six months will also be shown to the user.

Can I track my monthly expenses under particular category?

Yes. You can access the Budget page to analyze the transactions against various categories. You can track your monthly income & expenses.

Bank Accounts

What features can I access in bank accounts?

A user will be able to see his category wise transactions for the current month and latest 20 transactions across all CASA. User will also be able to see the auto-categorized transactions over a period of three months and will also be able to manually set or unset categories for each transaction through bank account transaction details. We have given the option to search a transaction using its description/narration. Please note that transactions till current- 1 day will be shown to the user.

How can I make a new category?

The user can also make a new category under an already existing parent category by clicking on the search option as seen in the image.

User has to click on add new in manage categories to add a new category. In order to use the newly created category, he will have to select the new category from search categories.

Credit Card

What features can I access in credit card?

A user will be able to see his category wise transactions for the current month and latest 20 transactions across all Kotak credit cards. User will also be able to see the auto-categorized transactions over a period of three months and will also be able to manually set or unset categories for each transaction through credit card transaction details. We have given the option to search a transaction using its description/narration. Please note that transactions till current- 2 of the transaction posting day will be shown to the user.

Cash Register

Can I Track my petty cash?

You can track your petty cash using cash register. A transaction categorized as “cash withdrawal” will be automatically populated to the cash register. Also, a user can manually update your transactions and track the same.

What is Cash register?

This section helps you keep track of your Cash which you've withdrawn from the ATM. You can allocate multiple expenses against each cash withdrawal.

The Receive Section shows the cash that has been withdrawn and Expense section is where you've spent that cash. The Cash in Hand Section is the balance cash you have left.

For example: If you withdrew INR 1000 from an ATM out of which you used INR 500 to pay for Taxi Fare & INR 300 for food where you paid in Cash. Your Status will be

  • Receive - INR 1000.
  • Expense INR 500 for Travel & INR 300 for Food.
  • Cash in Hand - INR 200.

Kindly Note- You have to manually Update this section.

There are two ways of updating the Receive Section:

  • Manually update by entering the Data.
  • Change the Category of Withdrawals to Cash Withdrawals. In this case, that withdrawal will not feature in the expense now, but any expense entry done in the cash register against it will feature in the expense

Similarly you have to update your expense section. Please mention the category of the expense.


What features can I access in budgets?

User will have access to doughnut chart for the last three months (current month + last two months) which will represent the spent, excess and the set budget. Spent vs Budget graph will consider details only for the last month which will be shown as per different categories. Budget tracker will allow a user to view the performance of his budget for a period of six months for different categories.

How should I configure my Budget?

Go to budgets, click on configure budget. Users can set monthly budgets for each category. The categories based on your recent transactions are available to you in your default view. You can choose All Categories or Popular Categories from the Filter Categories menu. If you set a budget for 1 month only, the same will be set for all following months on the first day of the new month.

How do I set budget for all subsequent months?

To set a particular budget for all future month, a user has to set a budget for current month without modifying budget for future month for any of the categories. If a user manually modifies the budget for future months, the current month budget will not be automatically populated.

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