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What is my account balance? Is my salary for the month credited? Are the expected funds transferred to my account?

What do you do when such queries run through your mind? Check with the customer care? Visit the ATM? Log on to Net Banking or Mobile Banking or use SMS banking?

Now here is an easier way to get rid of these concerns. Just Instacheck!

Salary2Wealth Instacheck service allows you to know your account balance and last 3 credit transaction details of past 15 days, with just a phone call. This is how it helps you -

  • Instant gratification via SMS
  • Available 24 X 7
  • Toll free number - absolutely free of cost
  • No call waiting, no IVR to follow, no PIN, no Password needed - just a call from your registered mobile number
  • Dedicated service only for Salary2Wealth (Corporate Salary) Account holders

  • Only Kotak Salary2Wealth Account holders, namely S2W Edge, S2W Ace and S2W Platina Account holders can avail this service
  • Customer needs to call from mobile number registered with the Bank to avail the Instacheck service
  • The account number and the mobile number should be linked to the same Customer Relationship Number (CRN)

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How can I use the Instacheck service?

You can avail this service by calling the toll-free number 1800 274 0220 from your registered mobile number. You will receive an SMS with your Account balance and last 3 credit transaction details of last 15 days.

How does this service work?

Once you call 1800 274 0220 (toll-free), you will hear a message confirming acceptance of the request. You will receive an SMS with the combined available balance and last 3 credit transactions, for your Salary2Wealth  Account linked with the CRN of the registered mobile number within few minutes.

Will this service work if my number is not registered with the Bank?

This service can be availed by you only if you have registered your mobile number with the Bank and have at least one valid Salary2Wealth Account linked to your CRN. The mobile number should be registered for this same CRN.

Will this service work if I have multiple accounts with the Bank?

Service is available only for Salary2Wealth Account linked to a particular CRN. If messages are long then it will be clubbed in 2-3 SMS. You can also avail this service if your mobile number is linked to multiple CRNs.

Why am I getting an error message when I try to use the service?

You will get an error message under the following scenarios:

  • If you call from any number other than the mobile number registered with the Bank
  • If you do not have a valid Salary2Wealtyh (Corporate Salary) Account linked to your CRN
  • If you have more than 10 Accounts linked to your CRN. You can view the balance using Net Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking or by calling the Customer Contact Centre.

Can I use this service if I am outside India?

This service is available on domestic mobile numbers only.

  • Just call on toll-free number 1800 274 0220
  • Once you call, you will hear a message confirming acceptance of the request
  • If mobile number and CRN match, customer will receive an SMS with details on account balance along with last 3 credit transactions of past 15 days
  • If no credit transactions of last 15 days are found, then only the account balance will be sent via SMS
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