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  • Your account balance, transaction history, cheque book request and many more activities can be now completed instantly
  • Do a Mobile/DTH Recharge
  • Hassle free: No need to enter your account or card details everytime. Your account is debited directly once you tweet
  • The responses come to you as a Direct Message so only you can view them.
  • Check out the hashtag list to know what to message

Click Here to Register for Hashtag Banking.

Don't forget to follow @kotaksync once you register for Hashtag Banking !!


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How many accounts & cards can I link to my Twitter handle?

A user can only link one Kotak account & one Kotak credit card to his personal Twitter Handle.

Who is eligible for Hashtag banking?

Any Kotak customer who has a Twitter account is eligible for this service.

What all can I do with Hashtag Banking?

Hashtag Banking allows you to do a lot of things with a simple tweet. You can get an instant and secure update on your account balance, transaction history, cheque book request, Net Banking PIN request and many more account activities.

You can recharge your pre-paid mobile & DTH accounts using this service. You can also purchase a book from our exclusive collection.

How do I register for Hashtag Banking?

  • Visit www.kotak.com
    • If you are accessing the website from a desktop/laptop, go to > Convenience Banking
    • If you are accessing it from a mobile phone, go to Easy Banking > Hashtag Banking
  • Click on the Register tab to register your Twitter handle
  • At the next step you need to provide your Net Banking and/or Debit Card details to authenticate your identity
  • If you have only one bank account and/or credit card then you will receive a confirmation that the twitter account is linked
  • If you have multiple accounts and cards, you will have to choose the ones you want to link
  • The account and/or credit card will get linked to your Twitter handle and Hashtag Banking will be enabled
  • Follow @Kotaksync on Twitter. You can now start tweeting using Twitter Mobile App or Website

How do I update my registered Twitter handle?

  • Visit www.kotak.com
    • If you are accessing the website from a desktop/laptop, go to > Convenience Banking
    • If you are accessing it from a mobile phone, go to Easy Banking > Hashtag Banking
  • Click on Update tab
  • Sign-in using your registered Twitter handle
  • Provide your Net Banking and Debit Card details to authenticate your identity
  • Enter a new twitter Handle to update. Done.

How do I de-register from Hashtag Banking?

  • Visit www.kotak.com
    • If you are accessing the website from a desktop/laptop, go to > Convenience Banking
    • If you are accessing it from a mobile phone, go to Easy Banking > Hashtag Banking
  • Click on De-register tab
  • Sign-in using your Twitter handle
  • Provide your "Net Banking" and "Debit Card" details to authenticate your identity
  • Click on de-register. Done.

My Twitter handle is registered and Hashtag Banking has been enabled, can I start tweeting?

Follow @kotaksync so you can receive responses via DM. You can start tweeting with the corresponding hashtags to @KotakBankLtd.

What should I tweet to avail Hashtag Banking services?

It's easy, just tweet to @KotakBankLtd with the corresponding hashtag for your request and we (@kotaksync) will send a DM (Direct Message) to your twitter handle. Don't forget to follow @Kotaksync to enable this feature.

I have registered my Jifi/Jifi Saver account for Hashtag Banking, will I be able to manage my Twitter Handle from inside the Jifi Dashboard?

No, Twitter Handle registered for Hashtag Banking on the Hashtag Banking page will not be visible inside Jifi dashboard. He/She can however, link a new Twitter Handle to the same account.

Will my transactions be visible to everyone on Twitter?

Rest assured, no one can see your transaction details on Twitter. We send you the requested details via a DM (direct message) on your personal Twitter handle which is visible to you only.

Can I link multiple Twitter Handles to one account?

Yes, you can link multiple Twitter Handles with one account. You will have to go to the register page and complete the registration process.

Can I link multiple accounts & Credit Cards to one Twitter Handle?

No, you are not allowed to link multiple accounts & credit cards to one single handle. You can only link one account and/or one Credit card to one Twitter Handle.

My Twitter account is hacked, how should I stop Hashtag banking service?

Don't panic, de-register by visiting Hashtag Banking page on www.kotak.com or www.mobile.kotak.com on clicking de-register system you will need to firstly authenticate using the 'Net-banking' or 'DC' details. Post successful authentication your twitter handle will be de-registered.

How secure is Hashtag Banking?

Rest assured, every tweet request you send will access your Kotak account details that are safely stored on a highly secured virtual location. After getting the respective information, you will receive a DM (direct message) on your personal Twitter handle (and not the public domain) with the requested details. In case you have any concern, we are just a tweet, call or post away.

Response is sent from the @kotaksync handle which is automated, with no manual intervention.

Applicability of Terms:

These Terms form the contract between the User and Kotak Mahindra Bank for availing Services through this Channel. For availing the Services, the User shall be first required to register to the Channel as per the instructions provided on the Website. Kotak Mahindra Bank shall be entitled at its sole discretion to accept or reject such registration requests by the User/s and its decision in this regard shall be final and binding. By registering for the Channel for availing the Services, the User acknowledges and accepts these Terms. While availing the Services through the Channel, certain additional service terms and conditions or notes ("Service Terms") applicable, if any, with respect to the specified services, shall be communicated to the User through return tweet, direct message or SMS while availing the Services and the User's conduct of continuing to avail the Service shall amount to his/her acceptance of such Service Terms and shall be binding on the User

Change of Terms:

Kotak Mahindra Bank shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the Terms, Service Terms, Primary Terms or Guidelines at any time and shall give prior notice of one month by hosting the same on the Website or in any other manner as decided by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The customer/User shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms, Service Terms, Primary Terms, Guidelines and other terms including amendments thereto as may be posted on the Website. Such amended Terms, Service Terms, Primary Terms and Conditions will thereupon apply to and be binding on the User at the expiry of one month from the date of notice.

If in the opinion of the User, the changes are to his/her disadvantage, the User may opt to close the Account and/or discontinue with the Service/s, without paying any extra charges or interest at any time up to two months from the date of the notice by intimating Kotak Mahindra Bank of the same.

By using any new Services as may be introduced by Kotak Mahindra Bank, the User shall be deemed to have accepted the modified Terms as stipulated by Kotak Mahindra Bank


The User may terminate his/her access to the Channel and/or discontinue availing the Services, by de-registering from Kotak Mahindra Bank Twitter handle. The User shall remain responsible for any transactions made through the Channel until the time of such termination.

Kotak Mahindra Bank may withdraw or terminate the access to the Channel and/or discontinue provision of the Service/s anytime either entirely or with reference to a specific Service or User; or in case of breach of the Terms by the User without a prior notice; or if it learns of the death, bankruptcy or lack of legal capacity of the User.

Proprietary Rights:

Kotak Mahindra Bank shall make reasonable efforts to advise the User/s from time to time regarding the web-browsers or mobile software's required for availing the Service(s) and/or accessing the Channel. There will be no obligation on Kotak Mahindra Bank to support all or any versions of the web-browser/s or mobile software as may be required for offering Service(s)/ providing access to Channel the web-browser/s or mobile software's have not been advised by Kotak Mahindra Bank. The User acknowledges that the underlying software as well as web-browsers or mobile software's required for accessing the Channel / availing the Service/s are the legal property of the respective vendors. The permission given by Kotak Mahindra Bank to access the Channel / avail the Service/s will not convey any proprietary or ownership rights in such software. The User shall not attempt to modify, translate, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the underlying software or create any derivative product based on the software. "Kotak Mahindra Bank" and "I man" logo are trademarks and property of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited. Infringement of any intellectual property is strictly prohibited.

Step 1: Register for Hashtag Banking

Step 2: Follow @Kotaksync handle on Twitter

Step 3: Tweet to @KotakBankLtd with the corresponding hashtag for your request

We (@kotaksync) will almost immediately send you a DM (Direct Message) to your personal twitter handle.

RechargePrepaid Mobile#mobilerecharge <mobile no.> <operator> <amount>
Prepaid DTH#dthrecharge <dth a/c no.> <operator> <amount>
Click here for details on mobile & DTH operator codes.
Tweet to KnowBalance Inquiry#Bal
Last 3 Transactions#Txn
Last 3 months statement on email#STMT
Statement on email for a particular month in the current financial year#STMTPM JAN^
^First 3 letters of the month
Statement on email for any particular period#STMTPP JAN13MAR14*
*To receive statements on email from period January 2013 to March 2014
Cheque Status Inquiry#CHQStatus 000512**
**represents complete cheque number
LocatorKnow the nearest ATM#ATM 400001^^
Know the nearest Branch#Branch 400001^^
^^ is your 6 digit Pincode
PIN RegenerationNet Banking#NetPin
Phone Banking#PhonePin
Credit CardYour current amount due#CCBal
Your amount due as per last statement#CCDue
Your last three transactions#CCTxn
Your last payment received#CCPayment
Your total spends this month#CCSpend
Your available credit balance#CCAVLBal
Digital - Only Jifi & Jifi SaverYour current application status#Status
Your current rewards points#Points
Your total referrals#Referrals

Now you can even recharge your prepaid mobile number and DTH using Hashtag Banking.

  • Tweet the following to @KotakBankLtd to recharge:
    • For Mobile Recharge, tweet: #mobilerecharge <mobile no.> <operator> <amount> @KotakBankLtd
    • For DTH Recharge, tweet: #dthrecharge <dth a/c no.> <operator> <amount> @KotakBankLtd
  • You need to mention the mobile no. or DTH account no., operator name and recharge amount, along with Kotak handle. (E.g. #mobilerecharge 976939XXXX vodafone 100 @KotakBankLtd)
  • Maximum recharge limits are Rs. 500 for mobile recharge and Rs. 1,000 for DTH recharge
  • You can do 10 mobile recharges and 5 DTH recharges in a month through Twitter
  • Click here for operator codes
  • Don't forget to follow @kotaksync once you register for Hashtag Banking !!
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