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What is a Chip card?

A chip card has a microchip embedded in the kotak debit card. The chip is difficult to tamper with and therefore provides enhanced security to your transactions.

You can get a Chip Kotak Debit Card issued by:

Will I be able to use my Kotak Debit Card for International transactions?

  • All Chip Kotak Debit Cards are by default enabled for international use
  • All Magnetic Strip* (Non Chip) Kotak Debit Cards issued before December 1, 2013 are by default enabled for international use.
  • All Magnetic Strip* (Non Chip) Kotak Debit Cards issued on or after December 1, 2013 cannot be used outside India.

*If a customer is using Magnetic Strip (Non Chip) Kotak Debit Card for international transactions, then as a process, the customer is issued a chip kotak debit card in lieu of the magnetic strip kotak debit card (as per eligibility).

What are the charges for using the Kotak Debit Card at other Bank's ATM?

Charges for using Kotak Debit Cards at other bank ATMs can be found here: Service Charges and Fees.

How can I change daily ATM withdrawal and purchase limits of my Kotak Debit Card?

Call our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre at 1860 266 2666 to modify the limits up to the default limits. To increase limits more than the default limits, visit your nearest Kotak Mahindra bank branch.

What are the Kotak Debit Card transaction fees if I swipe my card at fuel pumps or booking railway tickets?

The following transaction charges are applicable when you use the Kotak Debit Card at:

  • Petrol pumps: Rs. 10 or 2.5% of the transaction amount (whichever is greater).
  • IRCTC: For all IRCTC transactions, upto 1.8% Payment Gateway (PG) charges.

What is the process for fuel surcharge waiver?

For eligible kotak debit card(s) and eligible transactions done in a calendar month, fuel surcharge is reversed by 12th of the next month.

I do not remember my Kotak Debit Card PIN. How can I regenerate it?

You can regenerate your 6-digit Kotak Debit Card PIN by:

What is Temporary block feature and how can I use it?

If you forget your Kotak Debit Card somewhere in the home / office or anywhere else and you think that you can get it back in some time, then you can block it temporarily using this option on Net Banking. This option works real-time and if you find your card back then you can unblock it real-time too. If not, then you can proceed and permanently block your Kotak Debit Card.

What should I do if my Kotak Debit Card is lost/ stolen or damaged?

Immediately get your Kotak Debit Card blocked by:

When getting the Kotak Debit Card blocked, you can simultaneously place request for a new Kotak debit card by calling customer contact center, logging into net banking or visiting nearest Kotak Bank branch.

What should I do if I lose my Kotak Debit Card overseas?

To report loss of your Kotak Debit Card, you may call our below toll-free numbers to block your card

USA - 1855 365 6767AUSTRALIA - 001180044990000HONG KONG - 00180044990000
U. K. - 0080044990000CANADA - 18557684020SINGAPORE - 8001013054

You may also report loss of your Kotak Debit Card, by calling Visa Global Customer Assistance Services (GCAS). Call our 24 hour Customer Contact Centre at 0091 22 6600 6022 to get the numbers for overseas locations. Click here for Visa GCAS numbers.

Will I be charged for using complimentary lounge access feature on eligible debit cards?

A nominal charge of Rs 2 will be applicable every time you use complimentary lounge access facility. For details of number of complimentary lounge visits on your card, please visit Debit Cards and choose your card.

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