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(Kindly note that your paper statements for Kotak Credit Card would be discontinued from the next billing cycle. You can request for a copy of your paper statement anytime in future by calling the Customer Contact Centre


  • I/We, the Cardholder agree to Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited (“the Bank”) giving me/us notice of availability/readiness of my monthly Credit Card Account Statement ("Statements") via email, to my/our e-mail address registered with the Bank.
  • I/We agree that the Statements/notice in respect thereof will be sent to the email address provided by me/us to the Bank. I/We agree and accept that it will be solely my/our responsibility to ensure that the correct email address is furnished to the Bank for sending the Statements/any notice in respect, thereof.
  • If at any point in time, I/we have any difficulty in accessing the Statements or I/we become aware that my/our email address/account has been compromised, I/we shall forthwith inform the Bank of the same.
  • The Bank would be deemed to have delivered the Statements to me/us, immediately on my/our receiving notice of its availability.
  • I/We will be obliged to download and print the Statements of my/our Credit Card Account after receiving notice as aforesaid from the Bank. Should I/we experience any difficulty in accessing the electronically delivered Statements, I/we shall promptly advise the Bank to enable the Bank to make the delivery through alternate means. Failure by me/us to advise the Bank of such difficulty within 24 hours after my/our receiving notice as aforesaid, shall serve as an affirmation regarding the receipt by me/us of my/our Statements.
  • I/We understand that Internet transmission lines are not encrypted and that e-mail is not a secure means of transmission. I/We acknowledge and accept that such unsecured transmission methods involve the risk of possible interception and unauthorised alteration of data and/or unauthorised usage thereof for whatever purposes.
  • I/We agree to discharge the Bank from, any and all responsibility/liability arising from such misuse and agree not to hold the Bank responsible for any such misuse and further agree to hold the Bank free and harmless from all losses, costs, damages, expenses that may be suffered by me/us due to any errors, delays or problems in transmission or unauthorised/illegal interception, alteration, anipulation of electronic data or otherwise caused by using e-mail as a means of transmission.
  • I/We am/are aware of all security risks, including the risk of the content of my/our Statements becoming known to third parties. I/We agree that I/we shall not hold the Bank in any way responsible for the same and agree that the same shall not be considered as a breach by the Bank of banker-customer confidentiality.
  • I/We undertake to verify the correctness of each Statement in relation to any transaction and to notify the Bank within 60 days of the receipt of the Statements, of any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the Statements so generated. If no objection is made within 60 days or before further instructions are given by me/us, the same shall be conclusive evidence as against me/us without any further proof that the Statements are correct and the Bank shall be free from all claims in respect thereto.
  • I/We understand that I/we remain fully liable for any of my/our liabilities to the Bank irrespective of receipt or non-receipt of, intimation of availability of my/our Statements, or my/our Statements.
  • Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall the Bank or anyone involved in creating, producing, delivering or managing my/our Statements, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages that may result from the use or inability to use the service or out of breach of any warranty.
  • The use and storage of any information including without limitation, the password, account information, transaction activity, account balances and any other information available on my/our personal computer is at my/our own risk and my/our sole responsibility and liability.
  • I/We further agree and understand that the Statements in respect thereof are sent by the Bank with encryption to ensure security and avoid any misuse. I/We agree and understand that in order to ensure confidentiality of the information contained in the Statements, I/we will not at any time, share the password for accessing the Statements attachments with anybody and in this regard will at all times keep the Bank indemnified against any and all claims, losses that may arise as a result of misuse of the Statements, as a result of sharing of password or any other unauthorized access.
  • I/We agree and understand that the Bank may withdraw, add to or modify the services as described hereunder, from time to time by notice to me/us. While advance notice of maintenance work likely to affect the availability of the services hereunder, shall be given, the Bank, reserves the right to suspend, upon notice, access to or the provision of all or any of the services (as described hereunder) at any time if the Bank, deems it necessary to do so in the event of an emergency (the opinion of the Bank, being conclusive in this respect) or for any security reasons.
  • I/We agree that these terms are in addition to and not in derogation of the terms and conditions contained in the Cardholder Agreement of the Bank.
  • Offer condition for Reward Points/Cash Back/Voucher Code : Customer would be entitled for Reward points/Cash back/Voucher codes if the Card is swiped (any retail swipe) within 60 days of Card issuance date.
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