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With Kotak Mahindra Bank, you can avail of customized solutions based on your short or long term financial needs to run your business.

Our range of products and services is geared to deliver to the needs of every type of agri business across even non-metro locations over the country. You can receive end to end solutions in the form of long term support or short term assistance with products designed for your business potential.

Who can avail of these solutions?
  1. Small & medium enterprises
  2. Farmers, aggregators & processors
  3. Traders & exporters

The seasonal nature of the agricultural business leaves scope for unpredictability and requires a flexible financial solution. Agri Business Group helps you meet the challenges faced due to the seasonal nature of Agri businesses.

The working capital solutions offered by Agri Business Group have been developed based on the financial and qualitative evaluation of specific businesses and working capital needs. The structure of working capital finance can be made either through cash credit or through loans. You can also avail of our working capital solutions as a multiple banking arrangement or as a sole banker.

How working capital finance can be used

  1. Short term supplier payments
  2. To manage cash flow mismatches
  3. Season dependent financial needs

The range of products offered as working capital finance to

  1. Cash credit
  2. Overdraft
  3. Short term loan
  4. Working capital demand loan
  5. Bill discounting / invoice discounting

Now receive long term financing for any land based Agriculture or allied activity from Kotak Mahindra Bank Agri Business Group. You can benefit from our innovative approach of developing financial solutions for each project based on in-depth analysis of the business need and growth objective.

What type of agri projects do we finance

  1. Financing for Land-based projects such as Horticulture, floriculture, vermiculture, cultivation of medicinal plants, mushroom cultivation, tissue culture, sericulture
  2. Funding for other land related activities like farm mechanization, minor irrigation, crop loans, land development
  3. Allied Agri projects related to poultry, dairy, piggery, fishery, mushroom units, bee-keeping
  4. Finances for construction of rural godowns and cold storages

You can receive funding for development of new projects backed by experienced promoters or also apply for a takeover or refinancing of partly/fully developed projects subject to terms.

The range of products available under agri project finance includes:

  1. Terms Loans
  2. Dealer Finance
  3. Supplier Finance
  4. Business Loans to Promoters

Agri Business Group extends farmers, traders, processors and aggregators in the agricultural sector finance against their agri produce or commodity stocks by pledge of warehouse receipts. You can receive credit upto 80% amount for the agricultural commodity being warehoused as a security against the loan taken to meet your business needs.

If you trade in any of the commodities listed here, you can avail of funding from us based on location and other terms and conditions specified by the Bank.

  1. Guarseed
  2. Guargum
  3. Wheat
  4. Soybean
  5. Black Pepper
  6. Jeera
  7. Maize
  8. Castorseed
  9. Paddy (Approved varieties)
  10. Rice (Approved varieties)
  11. Cotton seed
  12. Cotton bales
  13. Pulses

You can also check for new commodities that can be added based on the business potential.

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