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Save precious time and money with Kotak Net Banking services - Get free access to Banking solutions from the comfort of your home or office. This service is available to you 24 x 7.

  1. Bank 24X7 - anywhere, anytime
  2. Stringent security for safe Online Banking
  3. View account details for Savings Account, Current Account, Term Deposits and Demat Accounts
  4. Transfer funds online between your third party accounts with Kotak Mahindra Bank, or any other bank account via RBI's NEFT or RTGS system
  5. Book a Term Deposit and do premature withdrawal online
  6. Online Password Regeneration & unlock User ID instantly
  7. View account balance, account activity and check cheque status
  8. Pay your Utility Bills using KotakBillPay
  9. Recharge prepaid mobile phone and DTH accounts
  10. Place requests for a cheque book, Debit Card PIN, Payment Gateway registration and many more transaction services
  11. Download digitally signed statements through Statement tab
  12. View securities available for Demat Accounts
  13. Safe online shopping with Kotak Netc@rd at over 8500 websites
  14. Invest/Redeem in Mutual Funds online and view current Mutual Fund portfolio (holdings)
  15. Apply for IPO/FPO/Rights Issue without any paperwork from the convenience of your home/office using ASBA facility


1 Online Investment Facilities in Mutual Funds is available across all countries except USA and Canada


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Why should I use Net Banking?

Banking on the Internet is like having a bank branch on your desktop. You can access your bank any time and from any place.

With Kotak Mahindra Net Banking, you have the advantage of viewing activities in your banking, Demat and investment accounts, transfer funds between your / third party accounts with Kotak Mahindra Bank, or with any other Bank which participates in RBI NEFT/ RTGS scheme, request a cheque book and physical statement, purchase & redeem investments online1, pay your utility bills, register for payment gateway and access many more services.

What are the banking activities I can do online?

  1. You can view your account balance, account activity, account details, un-cleared fund details, cheque status and current exchange rates.
  2. You can transfer funds between your accounts or third party accounts maintained with Kotak Mahindra Bank, or with any other Bank which participates in RBI NEFT / RTGS scheme, open a term deposit, check the Term Deposit rates over various tenures & amounts, set up standing instruction online to transfer funds between your own accounts, third party accounts or through Banker's Cheques.
  3. You can not only request a cheque book, but also decide the cheques leaves per cheque book in addition to the ability to stop cheques in the Cheque related Services option.
  4. You can print an online statement of accounts using the Account Activity option.
  5. You can now enquire about the TDS information on your deposits for the current & previous financial year.
  6. You can also view interest rates for different tenures of deposits in Open Term Deposits & Inquire Rates.
  7. You can pay your utility bills, VISA Credit card bills (VMT) and even make Direct Tax payments through KotakBillPay
  8. Communicate with the bank in a secure medium through the 'Mail' option which will allow greater flexibility for communicating with us, including the ability to put an online request for our Home Banking Services.

What is InterBank Fund Transfer?

InterBank Fund Transfer is a facility that allows you to transfer money from your account with Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. to an account in any other Bank, subject to the beneficiary's bank participating in the RBI National Electronic Funds Transfer (RBI - NEFT) scheme. This facility is available currently to resident Indian customers only.

You need to login using your Net Banking login ID and password, and select InterBank Fund transfer option under Payments on the left hand side menu.

You will then need to select the source account and enter the amount to be transferred and the details of the beneficiary account like beneficiary name, beneficiary account number, account type, bank name and the destination branch.

  • Your account will be debited online, subject to sufficient available balance and a transaction/daily limit of Rs. 1 lakh. Requests received before 9:00 a.m. IST and 6:15 p.m. IST on all Mumbai working days (Monday to Friday) and 1:00 p.m. IST on working Saturdays in Mumbai will be sent by us to RBI in the respective clearing cycles.
  • The time taken to credit the Beneficiary's account will be dependent on the time taken by the Beneficiary's Bank to process the payment.

What are the Demat activities I can do online?

  1. You can view Account Statements, Account Activity, Holding Details and Billing Details
  2. You can request for physical statements, client master details and pledge forms
  3. You can view ISIN details and settlement calendars

What are the Investments activities I can do online?

  • You can view your Account, Transaction Details and NAV of your investments
  • You can purchase and redeem investments online1
  • You can check on the status of your Purchase/Redemption requests
  • You can download reports
  • You can get the latest NAVs and advisory services

Who can use Net Banking?

All customers who have unconditional operating authority on any Kotak Mahindra Bank Savings / Current account can get View and Transactional access to Net Banking.

How can I get a User ID/password for Net Banking?

Please click here to download the channel access request form for individuals.

Please click here to download the channel access request form for limited companies, associations, trusts, partnerships, sole proprietorships and HUFs.

Please fill up the form and put it in the drop boxes in our branches/ATMs or mail it to:

Customer Contact Center,
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.,
Post Box Number 16344,
Mumbai 400 013

What do I need to bank on the Internet?

To access Net Banking you need:

  1. Net Banking User ID and Password
  2. A PC with a browser
  3. An Internet connection

The following PC configuration is recommended for best performance:

  • Pentium processors with at least 64 MB RAM
  • Any of the following: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows NT
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or a higher version
  • Monitor Resolution of 800x600

How secure is Net Banking?

We have the most advanced security system to safeguard your Net Banking transactions. All your transactions travel in a 256-bit SSL encrypted medium, the highest level of security on the Internet. The servers are protected with firewalls that make unauthorized access impossible.

At the customer level, every customer is provided with a unique User ID and password. In addition, we make sure that:

  • To login into Kotak Net Banking, other than CRN and Net Banking Password, you need a Dynamic access Code which is valid for just one hour from the time of generating it.
  • To prevent somebody from guessing your password and getting unauthorized access to your account, your User ID is locked after three consecutive wrong password entries. Similarly, to prevent somebody from guessing your Dynamic Access Code and getting unauthorized access to your account, the facility to generate Dynamic Access Code gets locked in case of five consecutive entries of wrong Dynamic Access Code
  • To prevent an unauthorized person from viewing your Net Banking account in case you leave your computer idle, we close your Internet session if there's no activity for more than 30 minutes.
  • If you want to block your Net Banking for a specific duration, you can call our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre and ask our Customer Care Officers to do so. You can unblock it whenever you want by calling and requesting for the same.

What are the charges for Net Banking?

All Kotak Mahindra Bank customers are given free access to Net Banking.

While trying to log into Net Banking, I get an error message, what should I do?

Please check your User ID and password. Please note that password is case sensitive ('a' is different from 'A').

The other reasons for an error could be:

  • Your browser is not compatible with our Net Banking application. Please use Internet Explorer 5.5 or a higher version.
  • You have entered the wrong password three times consecutively. Your User ID is locked in case you enter a wrong password three times repeatedly. This is done to prevent somebody from guessing your password and getting access to your account. Please call our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre. for more information.
  • You have instructed us to block your Net Banking User ID. If you want to unblock your User ID, please call our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre.
  • Our server may be temporarily down, please try logging in after some time.

I'm unable to do financial transactions after logging onto Net Banking, what should I do?

Please check your operating mandate. Account holders with joint or conditional operating mandate cannot do financial transactions on Net Banking. Additionally for Investment accounts, a Power of Attorney is required to be executed in favour of Kotak Mahindra Bank for giving online1 Purchase / Redemption requests.

Please contact any of our branches or our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre to get a POA Form.

I have forgotten my Net Banking password. How can I regenerate it?

Your password can be regenerated instantly with the 'Generate Password' service available on the login page of Net Banking. Also, you can call our 24-hour Contact Centre. Our Customer Care Officer will be glad to assist you.

What are the options through which I can generate my Net Banking password online?

There are two options available to regenerate your Net Banking password online. You can select any one of the options as mentioned:

  • Debit Card
  • Secret Questions
You also have the option to request for a physical PIN mailer.


My Net Banking password has been locked, but I remember the same. How can the same be unlocked?

You can unlock the same immediately using the unlocking account feature available on the login screen or the same will get unlocked automatically after 12 Hrs. Alternatively, you can call up the 24 Hour Customer Contact Centre / visit the branch for the same.

My Net Banking password has been blocked. How can the same be unblocked?

You can unblock the same immediately using the Generate Password link on the login screen. Alternatively, you can unblock by calling our 24 Hours Customer Contact Centre or visit nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch.

My Online Password regeneration service is blocked. How do I unblock it?

To unblock the service, please call 24x7 Customer Contact Centre number at 1860 266 2666 or visit our nearest Bank branch.

What are secret questions?

It's a set of questions where answers of your choice can be registered through the profile section on Net Banking. These questions can be used to regenerate / unlock your Net Banking password on selecting secret questions.

What are the precautions I need to take for Net Banking?

  1. Please memorize the password and destroy the password mailer after you receive it.
  2. After receiving the password mailer, immediately log on to Net Banking and change your password.
  3. Please don't disclose your password to anyone, including Kotak Mahindra Bank staff.
  4. Please change your password at regular intervals (at least once a month), especially after you have accessed Net Banking on shared PCs.
  5. Please don't use obvious passwords (like name, date of birth, etc.)

What is Nick Name?

Nick Name is an alternative to User ID to simplify Net Banking access. You can create your Nick Name by visiting the "Profile" page after logging into Net Banking. You have the option of using your Customer Relationship Number (CRN) as your user ID or Nick Name, with the same Net Banking password.

With Nick Name, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Convenience - Easy to remember and selected by you
  • Security - Your Customer Relationship Number (CRN) is never disclosed

How I can select a Nick Name?

To select a Nick Name, follow the simple steps:

  • If you are a first time user or have forgotten your Nick Name, login to your Net Banking using your Customer Relationship Number (CRN)
  • Go to "Profile" section and enter a Nick Name
  • Click on "Go" to create your Nick Name

Next time you login, you can use your Nick Name and Net Banking Password to log in.

What is Request for Do Not Contact (DNC)?

As a bank we respect the privacy of our customers and understand that some of them may not want to be contacted over various channels for our marketing activities.

Therefore, DNC as an option is being made available to the customers of the bank to get them deregistered from marketing calls, alerts & emails.

How can I register / deregister for DNC?

Request for DNC can be given:

  • At any of our branches through a letter or fax
  • At our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre by way of letter, faxes, call or email.
  • Post logging into Net Banking in the 'Requests' section or via an email through the 'Mail' section.
  • Next time you login, you can use your Nick Name and Net Banking Password to log in.

After registering for DNC will I be contacted by the bank?

DNC request should in no way be construed as a blockage of Call / Alerts / SMS from the bank. This facility enables you to block only the marketing related Call / Alerts / SMS from the bank. You will continue to receive Call / Alerts / SMS for your account related information, subject to you being registered for the same. E.g. a customer registered for Alert services would continue to get Call / Alerts / SMS for large credits, large debits, amounts less that Minimum AQB, home banking calls, etc., even if the customer has registered for DNC services. Also, this Request for Do Not Contact is valid only for Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. and not for the group companies and associates.

*Service available at cities / districts covered under RBI-NEFT system


1 Online Investment Facilities in Mutual Funds is available across all countries except USA and Canada

A simple registration process lets you be in control of your account from around the world through Kotak Net Banking.

Step 1:
Download the Channel Access Request form or visit a branch and request for a channel
access request form.

Step 2:
Fill up the Channel Access Request form

Step 3:
Submit it through ATM, Branch or post

  • Drop-box placed in Bank branches / ATMs

Find Kotak Bank ATM / Branch

  • Send the form through ordinary post to:
    Customer Contact Centre,
    Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.,
    Post Box Number 16344,
    Mumbai 400 013


You can get Net Banking access if you have a Savings Bank Deposit, a Term Deposit or a Current Account.

  • Banking Accounts

    Saving and Current Accounts:

    1. View account details, account activity
    2. Account details will be available to the customer like joint holder if any, account opening date, status of account (e.g. active, blocked, dormant etc.), mode of operation, account currency and account type
    3. You can set a Nick Name for your account number
    4. Nominee details can be viewed only if requested to be displayed
    5. Customer can view a mini statement of the last 5 transactions
    6. Lien Inquiry - You can view the lien (funds which are currently on hold) details and Lien summary
    7. Cashless Deposits - View the details and status of Cheques / Instruments deposited.
    8. View / Stop Cheque - You can view the status of the cheques like Paid, Unused and Stopped. You also have the option to stop Single / Multiple Cheques.
    9. Temporary Overdraft (TOD) Inquiry - You can view Temporary Overdraft (TOD) details, if any. Details like Status of TOD, Grant date, expiry date of TOD, TOD amount, Interest rate and also the penal interest rate.

    Term Deposit Accounts:

    1. Book your Term Deposit Online.
    2. You can now also do a premature withdrawal and also request for change in maturity instructions online.
    3. A Deposit calculator is now available which will help you work out how your deposit is growing for a specified time period, based on the type of deposit and deposit amount.
    4. You can view your deposit details like primary deposit details, type of deposit, nominee name (if any), other details like maturity instructions, interest rate etc. You can also view the schedule of credit of interest in your account excluding TDS.
    5. View details of pool accounts created (multiple accounts linked), if any.
    6. Simulate Term Deposit Pre-closure - This is a calculator which will help you determine the withdrawal amount with interest details as per the date of closure and withdrawal amount. This is only an indicative amount, actual amounts may vary.

    Fund Transfers:

    1. Within your Kotak Accounts - Transfer money between your Kotak accounts.
    2. To someone else's Account - Transfer money to another person's Kotak account
    3. To another Bank (NEFT) - Transfer money to an account in another bank via RBI's National Electronic Fund Transfer system (NEFT). This is usually used for transfer amounts of Rs. 2 lakh and less.
    4. To another Bank (RTGS) - Transfer money to an account in another bank via RBI's Real Time Gross Settlement. This is a faster way to transfer money of Rs. 2 lakhs and above.
    5. Send Money via Email - Forget the hassle of asking for Bank Account details, transfer money using beneficiary’s email ID and mobile number. You can transfer up to Rs.10,000 per transaction.
    6. Demand Draft - Send money to someone using a Demand Draft. Demand Draft can be sent to the beneficiary's address or your correspondence address registered with the bank.
    7. You have the option to choose when to make the payment or you can save the transaction and make the payment when desired.
      • Pay Now: The payment will made instantly.
      • Pay Later: You can pick a date as to when you wish to make the payment. The transaction will be scheduled and processed on the date of payment chosen by you. You can Edit/ Stop this transaction from 'Pending Transfers'.
      • Schedule Regular Payments: You can schedule regular payments by choosing this option. You need to enter the start date, frequency and date till when you wish to make your payments. For Standing Instruction set up for payments, you can even Stop / Edit the Standing Instruction details.
      • You can view all your past transactions under 'Completed Transfers' with the Status of the transaction. You even have the option to use the 'Copy Transfers' facility, in case you wish to make the same transaction without entering the required transaction details again.

    Add / Manage Beneficiaries:

    1. You can view and manage your beneficiaries online.
    2. You can add a beneficiary and also activate or inactivate the same online.
    3. Beneficiaries added at other channels like a bank branch will also be available for the customer to transfer funds to, via Net Banking.
    4. Multiple accounts can be mapped for a beneficiary for Transfer Type. (e.g.- NEFT / RTGS etc.)
    5. You can now change the Beneficiary limits on Net Banking. The same can be decreased from the bank default limit for Net Banking. To increase the same, you need to visit the nearest Bank branch.

    Service Requests:

    You now have a wide range of Service Requests that are available to you online. You can place a Service Request and even view your service request details.

    Service Requests are as below:

    Savings and Current Account Service Request

    1. Request for Cheque Book
    2. Stop Cheque(s)
    3. Request for Account Statement - You can request for an account statement either via post to your correspondence address or get it mailed to your preferred email ID.
    4. Request for Balance Certificate - Balance Certificate will be issued as per the date selected by you.
    5. Request for Interest Certificate - Interest Certificate will be issued for the previous financial year (April to March)

    Deposit Service Requests:

    1. Open Term Deposit
    2. Link a Term Deposit to Saving / Current Account
    3. Premature Withdrawal of Term Deposit
    4. Change Maturity Instruction for Term Deposit
    5. Request for Account Statement

    Home Banking2 Service Requests:

    1. Cash Pick Up Request
    2. Cash Delivery Request
    3. Cheque Pick Up Request
    4. Demand Draft Delivery Request

    Debit / Prepaid Card Related Request:

    1. Report Lost / Stolen Debit Card
    2. Debit Card Activation for use at Merchant Establishments
    3. Request for Debit Card
    4. Request for a New PIN for your Debit Card
    5. Change Primary Account for Debit Card
    6. De-link Account(s) from Debit Card
    7. Block / Unblock Debit Card
    8. Purchase of Best Compliments Card (Prepaid Card)

    Payment Gateway Related Request:

    • Register for Payment Gateway
    • Modify Payment Gateway Registration
    • Client ID Registration for Online1 Trading
  • Demat Accounts


    • This section provides access to view your Demat account details. You can also trade online in these securities by opening a trading account with Kotak Securities Ltd.

    Account Services:

    • View account activity, billing details, holding details
    • Inquire transaction status, Demat status of securities


    • Place an online request for account statement, Shareholding details or billing
    • Place a request for Pledge Forms or Client Master Details

    Additional Features:

    • In case you want to convert your existing shares into Demat format, you can view securities available for Demat
    • You can view the details of your transactions including settlement date, pay in date, pay out date using the View Settlement calendar option
  • Investments


    • This section enables you to view and purchase / redeem Mutual Funds online1 and other details of your investments with us.

    Account Services:

    • Keep track of your investments online - view account details, transaction details and current NAV, percentage gain / loss and IRR
    • Get details of investments by Asset Class or Fund Name

    Transaction Services:

    • Purchase / redeem Mutual Funds online1
    • Place Standing Instruction for auto debit of your account and investments in the selected fund


    • Check status of your Buy / Sell requests

    Other Features:

    • Get the latest NAVs
    • Get advisory services and industry updates on a continuous basis
    • Online transaction readiness can be viewed on Net Banking wherein you can know whether you are KYC compliant for Mutual Funds investments
  • Kotak Netc@rd

    • This is a onetime use virtual card which enables you to shop online on any website that accepts VISA cards, in a secure way.

    Kotak Netc@rd usage:

    • Generate your Kotak Netc@rd by either logging onto Net Banking or using small software application - Kotak Netc@rdQuickPay - installed on your computer.
    • Cancel cards if you do not wish to use them

    Transaction Services:

    • View card details including the status of the card, card amount, create date, expiry date
    • View Transaction details including the card number, merchant name where the card was used and settlement amount
  • Kotak BillPay

    Kotak BillPay is an Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service. A secure and hassle free way to pay your bills!

    1. Kotak BillPay is a simple, convenient and secure way of managing your bill payments from anywhere, anytime
    2. You can pay your utility bills (telephone, electricity, mobile, etc.), insurance premium, recharge prepaid mobile phone and DTH account, subscribe to magazines, pay taxes or make donations
    3. Kotak BillPay offers you the flexibility of making regular payments by registering the biller or making one time / ad hoc payments using the 'Instant Pay' option. You also have the option to pay via your bank account or Kotak Credit Card.
    4.  Payment via Kotak Credit Card is an option available only on Net Banking (Excluding payments like Visa Credit Card, Get Money, Direct Tax)
    5. Option available to Pay Now or Later.
    6. For registered billers, you will be able to view the bill amount and due date
    7. You can pay your domestic Visa Credit Cards bills with Kotak BillPay
    8. Kotak BillPay offers you 'AutoPay' wherein you can register for automatic payments from your account. Payments will be scheduled and processed 4 days prior to the due date / Payment date specified by the customer.
    9. With Recharge, you can top up your prepaid mobile phone and DTH account instantly. On successful recharge you will get a confirmation SMS from your mobile / DTH operator.
    10. {C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}{C}
    11. You can also view your Bill and Payment History
    12. Additionally, you will also receive Alerts via Email / SMS for any biller addition / deletion, receipt of new bill and status of bill payments and even AutoPay alerts.
    13. To avail of Kotak BillPay, simply login to Net Banking and click on the BillPay option or call up our 24-hour Customer Contact Center or walk into your nearest Kotak Mahindra Branch. You can also make payments to your registered billers through Kotak Mobile Banking.
    14. This service is Free of Charge


    Biller NameOffer
    Reliance Energy0.5% discount on bill amount, subject to a maximum discount of Rs. 250 per bill
    Mahanagar Gas1% discount of the bill amount
    MTNL1% discount subject to a maximum discount of Rs. 250 per bill

    For more details on Billers, Click Here

  • Get Money

    Receive funds from any non Kotak Bank Account to your Kotak Bank account using RBI's ECS facility absolutely FREE.

    1. Registration to be done on Net Banking or at our nearest bank branch to avail Get Money service.
    2. Debit Bank account details (ECS Debit Mandate Form) need to be verified by Debit Bank. This verification / lodgement process takes up to a maximum of 25 days from date of submission of ECS Mandate Form to our nearest bank branch.
    3. You can either receive funds on ad hoc basis (one-time) or can set up a Standing Instruction (SI) to receive funds on regular basis, post successful activation of Get Money registration. You also have the option to modify or delete the Standing Instruction.
    4. Get Money funds transfer requests can be given on Net Banking, 24-hour Customer Contact Centre or our nearest bank branch.
    5. You will receive email and SMS alerts on the registered email ID and Mobile number with the bank for all events on Get Money.
    6. You can even view details of your pending transfer requests and transfer history post logging into Net Banking.
    7. You can register multiple Bank accounts as debit bank accounts under the Get Money service.
  • Requests

    1. Access Code Registration and De-registration Access Code is an additional password required to log in to Kotak Net Banking / Payment Gateway. You can register or de-register for this service.
    2. Do Not Contact request - Register yourself under this section to discontinue receiving marketing related calls from the bank.

    Note: Existing "Service Requests" have been moved under the "Banking" section. We have also added additional "Requests" for your convenience.

  • ASBA

    You can now apply for IPO/FPO/Rights Issue through Kotak Net Banking without any paper-work and from the convenience of your home / office.

    1. ASBA stands for Application Supported by Blocked Amount.
    2. Customers can apply for IPO/FPO/Rights Issue online using ASBA by authorizing the bank to block an amount equivalent to the application amount in the relevant bank account.
    3. The application amount would be retained in the customer's bank account, and is blocked towards the IPO/FPO/Rights Issue application. The funds remain blocked till the completion of the allotment process.
    4. On intimation of allotment, amount to the extent required will be debited to the bank account. In the case of partial / no allotment, an amount for the un-allotted portion will be released.
    5. Since the amount is blocked and not debited until allotment, you will continue to earn interest on the application amount (as applicable).
  • Statement

    You can view and download your previous months' digitally signed statements including your Annual Combined Statement for the previous financial year through the Statement tab. Also you can request for your preferred statement delivery option by clicking on Statement Registration.

  • Profile

    Profile has your contact details, like correspondence address, preferred email ID and mobile number. For enhanced security, modification of preferred Email ID or Mobile Number is not possible online. To make any changes to your preferred Email ID or Mobile Number please visit your nearest branch and submit a signed request along with an acceptable proof of identity. To change your correspondence address, please submit a signed request along with an acceptable proof of address.
    It also has secret questions. You need to set your secret questions to be able to unlock your Net Banking User ID online instantly.

  • Mail

    This section provides you a secure mail service to contact the bank with your complaints / suggestions. You can also place your 'Home Banking' requests in this section.You can also do the following:

    1. Track your queries easily by immediately getting your service request number
    2. Set reminders for your important tasks and mail
    3. Get alerts for reminders and closure of Service Requests
    4. Set/ Manage reminders
    5. Flag (using the “Star” option) your important mails for easy reference
    6. NRI customers can place a request for change in preferred mobile number, preferred email id and preferred communication address


1 Online facilities for investment in Mutual Funds as well as trading in secondary market is available across all countries except USA and Canada

2 Facilites available in India only

Protected by the most stringent security systems, Net Banking allows you to transact over a completely secure medium. All your transactions travel via 256-bit SSL encrypted medium, the highest level of security on the internet. The servers are protected with firewalls that make unauthorized access impossible.

Each customer is, provided with a User ID and Password. Your password is generated in such a way that it is only known to you. To provide enhanced security and safety we have introduced Dynamic Access Code. To log in to Net Banking / Payment Gateway you would need to enter an additional password i.e. your 'Dynamic Access Code'. This Dynamic Access Code is to be generated online and will be sent instantly to your preferred Email ID and Mobile Number registered with the Bank. Dynamic Access Code is valid for an hour from the time it is generated by you.

Dynamic Access Code can be generated by entering your User ID / Nick Name and your Net Banking Password and clicking on 'Generate Dynamic Access Code' tab on the Dynamic Access Code login page.

In addition we guard against unauthorised entry or viewing in the following ways:

  • To prevent somebody from guessing your password and getting unauthorised access to your account your User ID is locked in case of three consecutive wrong password entries in 24 hours. Similarly, to prevent somebody from guessing your Dynamic Access Code and getting unauthorised access to your account generation of Dynamic Access Code is locked in case of five consecutive wrong entries of Dynamic Access Code of in 24 Hours
  • To prevent an unauthorised person from viewing your Net Banking account in case you leave your computer idle, we close your Internet session in case of inactivity for an extended period of time.
  • You can block your account anytime for any duration you wish by contacting our Customer Care Officer at our 24-hour Customer Contact Center. It is unblocked upon your request. In case, your account in blocked due to non-usage, you can unblock the same by generating a new password online or you can call up our 24-hour Customer Contact Center or walk into the nearest branch.
  • To prevent somebody from accessing your Net Banking User ID and Password through capturing of keystrokes from a keyboard, we have now enabled the 'Virtual Keypad' on the Net Banking / Payment Gateway Login screen.
  • Dynamic Access Code and transaction alerts are sent to your preferred Email ID and Mobile Number registered with the Bank. For security reasons, you will not be able to change your preferred Email ID or Mobile Number through Net Banking and would need to submit a signed request along with an acceptable proof of identity at your nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank's Branch

Kotak Mahindra Bank is committed to provide a safe and secure online banking experience and has exercised great diligence to ensure confidentiality and security of your accounts. At Kotak Mahindra Bank, we use the best industry standard security technologies and practices. Discover few of our initiatives taken to safeguard your online banking. Also explore your role in ensuring the safe and secure online banking.

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank Initiatives

    Unique User ID and Password

    • Each customer is provided with a unique combination of User ID and Password and customer is forced to change the password post first time login
    • Your password is generated through such a process that it is known only to you
    • For generation or regeneration of password online your personal information will be verified with our records and then part of the password will be sent to your preferred mobile number/E-mail Id updated with us

    Dynamic Access Code - To provide enhanced security and safety we have implemented Dynamic Access Code

    • To log in to Kotak Net Banking / Payment Gateway you would need to enter an additional password i.e. your 'Dynamic Access Code'
    • This Dynamic Access Code is to be generated online and will be sent instantly to your preferred Email ID and Mobile Number registered with the Bank
    • Dynamic Access Code is valid for an hour from the time it is generated by you

    Virtual KeyPad - The Virtual KeyPad protects you from malicious Spyware and Trojan Programs designed to capture your keystrokes and thus reveal your secret password. Kotak Mahindra Bank provides the option of Virtual KeyPad, for inputting User ID-Password information for Net Banking. For your safety, keys of Virtual KeyPad get rearranged every time you select Virtual KeyPad.

    256 Bit SSL Encryption - Kotak Mahindra Bank uses 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption for information transmitted during an Internet Banking session, which is accepted as the best industry standard for encryption.

    Entrust Digital Certificate

    • Digital Certificates provide you the evidence of the servers authenticity which safeguards users from trusting unauthorized sites and allows the session to be encrypted
    • This is provided by a third party, the Certification Authority, which in this case is Entrust
    • You will see a closed lock icon at the bottom of the Internet Banking screen
    • Clicking on the lock will allow you to see the Entrust certificate authenticating the site

    Timed Log Out - To protect your accounts from unauthorized access, our system is designed to terminate session automatically if extended inactivity is detected.

    Auto Block Feature - In order to protect your account security, access to Net Banking will be automatically blocked once multiple attempts to log in are made with an incorrect User ID and Password.

  • Your role to ensure security

    Internet Banking Security Tips

    While we ensure to make sure your online transactions are secure, you also have a role to play to ensure online security. Here are some additional steps you can take to ensure the security of your transactions:

    • Password Protection
      • Change your password when you receive it the first time, and thereon regularly
      • Use passwords that are hard to guess. Avoid real words or those that can be easily identified, such as, name, family name, date of birth, telephone number, pet's name, parents' names, etc
      • Avoid using the same password on different websites. Always use unique passwords for each website
      • Do not give your password to or share your password with anybody, including the employees of Kotak Mahindra Bank
      • Notify the Bank immediately by writing to us at or calling our Customer Contact Centre at 1860 266 2666 if you suspect that your password has become known to or used by someone else
    • Login/Browser Security
      • Always log on to Net Banking by entering the Banks website address into the address bar. Do not access the bank website from a link provided in an email from any source
      • Look for the padlock symbol on the bottom bar of the browser to ensure that the site is running in secure mode before you enter sensitive information. Double clicking on the lock will verify that the digital certificate is issued to Proceed only if such verification is available
      • Log off from Kotak Mahindra Bank's Net Banking after you complete your transactions every time. Do not just close your browser
      • Avoid accessing Kotak Net Banking from a public/shared computer. In case you need to do so then please use 'Virtual KeyPad' to input login credentials
      • Regularly log into your Net Banking accounts and check your bank statements to ensure that all transactions are legitimate
      • Clear your browsers cache and history after each session so that your account information is removed, especially if you are using a shared computer
      • Configure the browser not to remember passwords (disable Auto Complete function)
      • Beware of pop-up windows that ask for your account number and PIN (Personal Identification Number). Kotak Mahindra Bank Login pages are always on a web page and never in a pop-up window
    • Email Security
      • Kotak Mahindra Bank will never send e-mails that ask for confidential information. If you receive an e-mail requesting your Internet Banking details like your PIN, password, account number etc, please do not respond
      • "Phishers" typically include upsetting or exciting (but false) statements to get people to react immediately. Avoid filling out forms in e-mail messages that ask for personal financial information. Communicate such information only via a secure website. Read more about 'Phishing Fraud' in our 'Types of Fraud' Section
      • Check the sender E-mail address to verify that it is from a valid E-mail account. Never open E-mail attachments from sources that you cannot trust
      • Always scan E-mail attachments for viruses before opening them. If you are unsure about the source of an attachment, delete it
      • Be alert for scam E-mails. These are designed to trick you into downloading a virus or jumping to a fraudulent website and disclosing sensitive information
    • Protect your computer
      • Make sure your computer has the most recent anti-virus software
      • Configure the anti-virus software to automatically update the virus definitions regularly and to notify you when new updates are available
      • Perform a complete scan of your computer at least once a week
      • Configure anti-virus software to scan all in-coming and out-going E-mails
      • Make sure your computers Operating System and browser software are updated with the latest security patches
      • Use Anti-Spyware software to do a full system scan to detect any ad/spyware on a regular basis. Ensure that you update your software regularly
    • Protect your Information

      Your information is the most valuable asset to protect yourself from online fraud such as Identity Theft. Identity thieves try to obtain key pieces of your confidential information in order to gain access to your bank account. To protect your confidential information follow below mentioned steps

      • Safeguard your account information, just as you would do with any other sensitive personal information
      • Do not write your user ID and password anywhere
      • Always get your latest contact information updated with the bank
      • Dont carry your Cheque book around with you unnecessarily
      • Dont leave bill payments or other Cheques in your mailbox
      • Tear or shred any old Cheques or account statements before throwing them away
      • Consider online alternatives to cheque payments while making purchases or bill payments

    Debit/Credit Cards Security Tips

    • Do's
      • As soon as you receive the consignment carrying your card, ensure that it is in a sealed condition and not tampered with. If there is any tampering found, inform the bank immediately
      • Sign on the reverse of the card immediately on receipt
      • Always keep your Debit/Credit card in a safe and secure place. Please inform the bank immediately if your Debit/Credit card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect unauthorized use
      • Please cut the card diagonally in case it is to be disposed off at the time of renewal/upgradation/cancellation
      • Guard your Kotak Debit/Credit Card's Personal Identification Number (PIN) like you guard your cash
      • Please change your Debit/Credit card PIN immediately after overseas trip
      • Prevent others from seeing you enter your PIN at the ATM by using your body to shield their view
      • Memorize your PIN. Don't write it down anywhere, especially on your card, and never share it with anyone
      • Kotak Mahindra Bank recommends that you change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) every six months
      • Beware of advertisements and people who promise to lend you cash against the credit card. The same should be strictly refrained from
      • Please destroy and dispose of copies of receipts, airline tickets, travel itineraries and anything else that displays your card numbers
      • When selecting a Personal Identification Number (PIN) don't use any number that appears in your wallet (such as name, birth date, or phone number)
    • Don'ts
      • NEVER give a photocopy of the front and back of your card to anyone for any reason, even if it is an application for a new credit card
      • Do not hand-over your card to anyone, even if he/she claims to represent the Bank
      • Do not disclose card number, expiry date and CVV value to anyone
      • Do not use your card on websites like gaming, pornography, Lottery, gambling and unsecured payment gateways
      • Do not write the ATM PIN on the card or on a paper which you carry along with the card
      • Never sign a blank application form, to be filled in by an agent or bank representative later
    • Tips for Safe online transactions using Credit Cards
      • Please get yourself enrolled for 3D Secure (Verified by Visa (VbV)/Master Card Secure Code (MCSC)). This is now mandatory for carrying out online transactions
      • Make sure you are using a secure site while making payments through the Internet. Ensure that there is a lock icon in the status bar of your web browser. This icon indicates that the site is employing an encryption technology during the transmission of your sensitive data
      • Please keep a record of your transactions. Just as you save store receipts, you should keep records of your online purchases. Back up your transaction by saving and/or printing the order confirmation
  • Types of Frauds

    Phishing - Phishing refers to a person or a group of cyber-criminals who create a copy of an existing legitimate web page (in the name of your bank) to trick users into providing sensitive personal information. Responding to 'phishing' emails put your accounts at risk.

    To carry out this trick, the phishing scammers send fraudulent email disguised as an official request for information from the bank. Generally, they also create a look-a-like website that is designed to closely resemble the target company's official site. The fake website may appear almost identical to the official site.

    Recipients of the scam mail are requested/ lured to click on a link, which will cause fake website to open in the user's browser. The recipient will be asked to enter the user ID and Password of Net Banking. The scammers then use this information to their advantage. Very often such phishing emails may contain various spelling mistakes. Even the links to fraudulent website may contain URLs with spelling mistakes.

    Tips to protect you from Phishing

    • Never respond to any mails asking for your confidential information such as User ID, Password etc. Please note that Kotak Mahindra Bank will never ask for your password
    • Visit the bank website by always typing our URL in your browser window. Never click on a link that takes you to bank's website
    • Always look for the padlock symbol on the bottom bar of the browser to ensure that site is running in a secure mode before entering sensitive information
    • Check your previous login date and time post logging into Net Banking
    • Avoid access of Net Banking from Cyber cafe or shared computer. However, if you happen to do so, please use Virtual KeyPad for enhance security
    • In case you feel you have divulged any sensitive information to fraudsters, please change your password immediately and inform us by contacting our Customer Contact Centre or write to us at

    Vishing - Vishing is a combination of Voice and Phishing that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology wherein fraudsters feigning to represent real companies such as banks attempt to trick customers into providing their personal and financial details over the phone.

    In this trick, fraudsters call up customers through an automated dialer through a computer-modem. Once the phone is answered, an automated recording is played to inform customer that customer's bank account had an illegal activity and customer should call the recorded phone number immediately.

    Once the customer calls up the recorded number, he is asked to enter his confidential information such as Account No, User Id, Password, Date of birth etc on phone keypad. Once customer enters the required details the fraudsters have all the confidential information required to carry out transactions in customer account.

    Vishers generally do not have any actual information regarding customer and would address customer as 'Sir' or 'Madam' and not by actual name.

    Tips to protect you from Vishing

    • Do not call and leave any personal or account information on any telephone system that you are asked to through any telephonic message, SMS or E-mail, especially if it is regarding possible security issues regarding your bank account.
    • Your bank would have knowledge of some of your personal details such as your first/last name. Beware of calls claiming to be from your bank's customer service centre.
    • In case you happen to receive such a message or email, inform us by calling our Customer Contact Centre or write to us at

    Identity Theft - Identity theft is a crime in which fraudsters try to obtain key pieces of your personal information such as date of birth, mother's maiden name, passport number etc in order to gain access to your bank account, make online purchases or illegally apply for New Account /Credit Card. Fraudulent Web-sites/E-mails, misplaced account statements or personal documents, impersonation as bank staff are some of the tools used by fraudsters to gain access to customer's personal information. Revealing personal information to unknown entities puts your account at risk.

    By using gathered personal information, fraudsters carry out transactions through banking channels such as Phone Banking, Internet Banking to their benefit. In a worst case scenario, they can also transfer funds from your account.

    Tips to protect you from Identity Theft

    • Never respond to mails asking for your personal information such as Date of Birth, Mother's maiden Name, user ID etc. Please note that Kotak Mahindra Bank will never ask for such information
    • Inform us immediately in case your mobile number is de-activated without your consent. Also get your correspondence address updated with us, in case it has changed
    • Verify the identity of the Bank's representative visiting you
    • Consider shredding rather than thrashing unused copies of documents such as PAN Card, Ration Card, Bank Statements etc which contains your personal information
    • Beware of unsolicited phone calls claiming to be from Bank's Customer Service Centre and asking for confidential personal information

    Nigerian Fraud (419 Scam) - Nigerian fraud refers to fraudulent schemes which starts with bulk mailing/e-mailing of offers asking the recipients to enter into a business or to extend help in getting money transferred in return for huge commission. The scam is referred to as '419 Scam' after the section 419 of Nigerian Penal Code.

    The Nigerian fraud emails commonly have proposals such as transfer of funds, generous reward for helping to move large balance of funds or offer of disbursement of money from 'Will'.

    Such mails would generally display a sense of urgency and ask for bank account and other details. These mails may also ask the recipient of the letter or email message to pay something like a fee / tax / bribe to complete the deal - this is the Advance Fee. Such advance fee is always lost.

To report any security related issues, frauds or vulnerabilities with regards to Kotak Mahindra Bank systems and services, please email us

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