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Net Banking
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Kotak Net Banking

With Net Banking you have a quick, easy and secure way to reach for your Kotak Bank services through your computer.

With Net Banking you can check your bank balances, transfer money, pay your bills, request for account statements and cheque books. You can buy, sell and track your Kotak Mutual Fund investments directly and shop online securely via your Kotak Net Banking. All this and much more await you when you log in!

Net Banking is a free service by Kotak which only requires an internet connected to a computer.

What can you do with Net Banking?

Perform traditional bank activites like checking account status
Track, buy or sell Kotak Mutual Funds online
View details across Accounts, Term Deposits and Demat Accounts
Make all your purchases online via a one-time use virtual netc@rd
Pay all your utility and credit card bills
Apply for IPO/FPO/Rights Issue without any paper work, through ASBA, and much more

How Secure is Kotak Net Banking?

  • Safe guardSafe guard your personal data

    Your Net Banking password is generated in such a way that it is known only to you

  • Access CodeDynamic Access Code - Your additional layer of security

    Each customer is, provided with a User ID and Password. Your password is generated in such a way that it is only known to you. To provide enhanced security and safety we have introduced Dynamic Access Code. To log in to Net Banking / Payment Gateway/Mobile Banking you would need to enter an additional password i.e. your 'Dynamic Access Code'. This Dynamic Access Code is to be generated online and will be sent instantly to your preferred Email ID and Mobile Number registered with the Bank. Dynamic Access Code is valid for an hour from the time it is generated by you.

    Dynamic Access Code can be generated by entering your User ID / Nick Name and your Net Banking Password and clicking on 'Generate Dynamic Access Code' tab on the Dynamic Access Code login page. For Payment gateway transactions, customers will be required to enter Dynamic Access Code irrespective of the customer being deregistered for Dynamic Access Code. Similarly, for creating NetC@rd, registration of Dynamic Access Code is compulsory.

  • Ensure Browser SecurityEnsure Browser Security

    Your User ID is locked if the password is entered wrong for three consecutive times

  • Automatic Expiry of Internet SessionAutomatic Expiry of Internet Session

    In case you leave your computer unattended for an extended period, your internet session is automatically closed

  • Encrypted DataEncrypted Data

    All data is transferred through a highly secure layer with maximum security on the internet

How to Start Using Kotak Net Banking?

All Kotak Account Holders can access Net Banking account. To register for Net Banking you can:
1.   Download the registration form from the Kotak Bank website at
Customer Contact Centre
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
Post Box Number 16344
Mumbai 400 013.
For more details on Net Banking, please click here.
2.   Fill up the form and
3.   drop it in the drop boxes at our Bank Branches/ATM's OR
4.   Mail it to

Kotak Net Banking
Check your account balance and transfer money
Track, buy & sell Mutual Funds online
Shop online securely
Pay your utility and credit card bills
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