Kotak BillPay

  • Pay MTNL, BSNL, Airtel & other telephone/mobile bills

  • Pay Electricity Bills

  • Pay Visa Credit Card Bills

  • Pay Insurance Premiums

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What is BillPay?

BillPay is a simple, secure, instant way of paying your utility bills, insurance premia, Direct Taxes, Visa Credit Card payments and much more.

With AutoPay, you can schedule your bills to be paid automatically.
You can select an upper limit to be paid or even pay the entire bill amount. With the instant email and SMS alerts, you could keep track of your transactions, keeping you up to date on your bill payment status. You  can even view your Bill and Payment History on Kotak BillPay.

6 Reasons to Use BillPay

  • Save Time - All your Bills paid in Minutes

    Pay off regular utility bills (telephone, electricity), mobile bills, insurance premiums etc. You can pay multiple bills in a single transaction using the ‘Multiple Payments’ option on BillPay.

  • Schedule Regular Payment

    No need to remember due dates. Set AutoPay to pay the bills automatically before the due date.

  • Avoid Late Fees on your Credit Card Payment

    Pay your domestic Visa Credit Cards bills/ transfer funds using any domestic Visa Debit Card using 'Visa Money Transfer' absolutely free of cost!

  • Instant Payments Anytime

    Use ‘Instant Pay’ to make instant payments for billers who accepts even partial or late payments for both registered and unregistered billers.

  • Stay Updated with Email & SMS Alerts

    Receive Email and SMS alerts for any biller addition/deletion, receipt of new bill, status of bill payments and even for AutoPay.

  • Paperless Bills

    Get e-bills from registered billers in BillPay who electronically present bills to you. Against these presented bills, you can use the ‘Pay Bill’ option to make the payment or set AutoPay to pay the bill automatically.
    Note: You will also receive a physical bill presented by the biller.

  • How to Start Using Kotak BillPay?

    You can start using Kotak BillPay by logging in to Net Banking or calling our 24-hour Customer Contact Centre or visiting the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch. You can now even make the payments on Kotak Mobile Banking for your registered billers.

    Follow these 6 simple steps to start using this facility on Net Banking.

    1. Log on to your Kotak Net Banking account and click on ‘BillPay’
    2. To register a biller use 'Add Biller'
    3. Enter the biller details and click 'Go'
    4. On successful confirmation, your biller will send the bill electronically through Kotak BillPay
    5. To set AutoPay for registered billers, use the ‘Set/Modify AutoPay’ option
    6. Use the 'Instant Pay' option to pay billers who accept partial or late payments