Kotak Bank ActivMoney

  • Earn higher interest with longer term Deposits

  • Enjoy ready access to cash in your Savings account

  • No hidden charges

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What Does ActivMoney Do?

ActivMoney converts idle money in your Kotak Savings Account by moving it to a linked Term Deposit account. Money is transferred to a Term Deposit account in multiples of Rs. 10,000. This earns a higher interest rate when the amount is maintained for a period above 6 months in the Term Deposit account yielding upto 5.5% interest, 2% more than your Savings Account.

With ActivMoney, moving money between your Savings Account and Term Deposit is done automatically. Your cash is moved out of the Term Deposit whenever your account withdrawals exceed the balance available in your account.

4 Reasons to use ActivMoney

  • Earn Higher Returns from Your Savings

    Make your Savings Account earn at long term interest rates with ActivMoney.

  • Access Your Savings at All Times

    Money transferred to your Term Deposit will be transferred back to maintain your Savings account and allow continued access.

  • Earn Higher Returns Even Over Short Periods

    Earn at Term Deposit rates, even when money is in the Term Deposit account for only 15 days.

  • Zero Charge on Early Withdrawals

    Access your savings just like in your regular account with NO CHARGES for early closure of the Term Deposit.

  • How to Start Using Kotak ActivMoney?

    ActivMoney is provided to all Kotak Account Net Banking customers with Savings accounts. To use the ActivMoney facility, link your Savings account to a Term Deposit. To request activation of ActivMoney:

    1. Through Kotak Phone Banking
    2. Visit a Kotak Branch
    3. Call the 24 hr customer care service on 1800 116022 (North India), 1800 226022 (Rest of India)