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Kotak MF Online

  • Purchase MF units in your trading account

  • Track progress and manage investments

  • Redeem MF units at your convenience

Want to invest in Mutual Funds online?

Why trade Mutual Funds online?

Carry out all your Mutual Fund transactions from purchasing Mutual Fund units, monitoring Mutual Fund progress and selling these units at the right time completely online. Invest in Mutual Funds from the comfort of your own home with this service from Kotak Mutual Fund.

Features of MF Online Transactions

Want to buy Kotak MF schemes online?

If you are an existing Kotak Mutual Fund investor, click here to invest online

If you are a new investor, make your first transaction through a Mutual Fund distributor first. Then, follow these steps to generate your PIN:

1. Apply for PIN to start your online transaction. Click here for the Pin Request Form.
2. Submit the Pin Request form at:
a.  any of the Kotak Mutual Fund branches (click here to view list of branches) OR
b.  any of the CAMS Investor Service Centers.
3. Now transact online with your folio number and your newly generated Pin number