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  • General Schedule of Features and Charges for Stock Ace

    General Schedule of Fees and Charges for Stock Ace

    ParticularsType of Account
    Product NameStock Ace Currenet Account (in Rs.)
    Average Quarterly Balance (AQB) in Rs.25000
    Demand Draft / Banker's ChequePayable at Branch LocationsFree 25 DD/ BC p.m.;
    thereafter 1/1000
    (Min 40 Max 5000)
    Payable at Non - branch Locations2/1000 (Min 40 Max 5000)
    RTGSThrough BranchRs. 15/ txn
    Through Net BankingFree
    NEFTThrough BranchFree
    Through Net BankingFree
    Fund TransferBranch & Net BankingFree
    Cheque BookDefault Cheque Book is Payable At-par Only1 Chq Book (50 Leaves) Free p.m.; 2 / leaf
    Local Cheque Free
    Clearing Out-station ChequeDrawn at Branch LocationsFree
    Drawn at Non - Branch Locations< 10K: 50 / Chq;
    10K - 1L: 25/Chq; >1L: Free
    (Plus Other Bank Chrgs)
    Fund TransferInwardFree
     Cheque Pick-up or DD Delivery40 / Request
    On Call RequestsCash Pick-up or Delivery< 2L: 200 / Request;
    2 - 5L: 300 / Request
    Beat ServiceCheque Pick-up500 p.m.
    Cash DepositsAt Home Branch LocationFree upto 2L p.m.;
    thereafter 2.5 / 1000
    At Non-home Branch Location4.5 / 1000 ; Min 50 per Txn
    (Max 1L / Day w/o approval)
    Cash WithdrawalFrom Home Branch LocationFree
    From Non-home Branch Location2 / 1000 ; Min 50 per Txn
    (Max 3L/Day w/o approval)
    Kotak ATMsBalance EnquiryFree
    Cash WithdrawalFree
    Other Bank's VISA ATMs - DomesticBalance EnquiryFree
    Cash WithdrawalFree 5 transactions per month, thereafter 110 per Txn
    Other Bank's VISA ATMs - InternationalBalance Enquiry15 per Txn
    Cash Withdrawal110 per Txn
    ATM Txns DeclinedInsufficient Funds25 per Txn
    Primary CardIssuance FeeFree
    Annual FeeFree for 1st year, therafter 250 p.a.
    Supplementary CardIssuance Fee250
    Annual Fee250 p.a.
    Add-on CardIssuance Fee250
    Annual Fee250 p.a.
    Replacement of Debit CardLost Card200
    Damaged CardFree
    VISA Global Assist USD 5
    VISA Global AssistLost CardUSD 35
    POS Txns DeclinedInsufficient Funds25 per Txn
    Account Related  
    AQB Non - maintenanceNMCNil till Stock Ace limit is availed, thereafter 900 per quarter
    Account Closure Charges Nil
    Cheque Returns  
    Cheques Deposited & Returned / (Outward)Local300 per Chq
    Out-station300 per Chq + Corr Bank Chrgs
    Cheques Issued& Returned (Inward)Financial Reasons300 per Chq
    Technical ReasonsFree
    SMS Alerts & Updates  
    AlertsLarge Debit / Credit50 per Quarter
    UpdatesDaily Balance25 per Quarter
    Weekly BalanceFree
    Phone BankingIVR AssistedFree
    Agent AssistedFree
    Account Statements  
    MonthlyPhysical / EmailFree
    WeeklyPhysical300 per Quarter
    By EmailFree
    DailyBy Email OnlyFree
    Ad- hoc Statements RequestAt Branch / Phone Banking<90 Days: 100
    91-365 Days: 200
    >365 Days: 1000
    On Net Banking, ATM50
    On Mobile BankingFree (by Email Only)
    Standing Instruction
    Set-up 50
    Execution Free
    Amendment 25
    Failure 25
    Balance StatementOther than 31st March100
    Interest StatementDuplicate Only100
    TDS CertificateDuplicate Only200
    Confidential Report 500
    Paid Cheque Report Free
    Signature Verification 100
    Photo Attestation 300
    Solvency Certificate 10,000
    Credit Confirmation 500
    Foreign Currency Payments & Collections  
    DD Issuance 500 + FCY Conversion Chrg
    DD Cancellation 500 + FCY Conversion Chrg
    DD Revalidation 500
    TT TransferCorr Bank Chrgs Borne by Beneficiary250 + FCY Conversion Chrg
    Corr Bank Chrgs Borne by Beneficiary1000 + FCY Conversion Chrg
    Cheque Collection 500
    Cheque Deposited and Returned 1,000
    Cheque Issued and ReturnedFinancial Reasons1,000
    Cheque Issued and ReturnedTechnical ReasonsFree
    PIN RegenerationATM/ Phone/Net Banking
    (if sent through courier)
    DD/BC Cancellation / 100
    Fund Transfer ReturnFinancial Reasons300
     Technical ReasonsFree
    ECS Return 300
    Online Tax PaymentThrough Net BankingN.A
     Through BranchN.A
    Cheque Purchase Charges 0.5 / 1000 per Day
    Travelers Cheque Encashment 1% of TC Amount + FCY Conversion Chrg
    Foreign Currency Conversion Charge 100
    TOD Charges 500
    Stop PaymentIndividual or Range100
    Processing Fee 
    Upto 2% of loan amount subject to minimum of 2500
    Renewal Fee 2,500
    Security Invocation Charges 0.3% of the sell-off value subject to a maxium of 5,000

    Please Note:

    • Average Quarterly Balance is the average balance to be maintained in your account in a quarter. It is not the lowest/minimum balance in your account on any given day
    • Kotak Mahindra Bank levies Non-Maintenance Charge (NMC) in case Average Qty balance in the account is not maintained. NMC is NIL till the time the Stock Ace limits are availed in the current account.
    • The above current charges; subject to change by Kotak Mahindra Bank are applicable until the Stock Ace limits are available in the account. Thereafter, all charges applicable to Edge Current account shall be applicable on this account. For details of all applicable charges, please refer the General Schedule of Features & Charges available at our branch or website