Service Charges & Fees

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Local call rates apply

  • General Schedule of Features and Charges for Jifi Account (Effective 1st June, 2016)
    ParticularsStandard Charges (in Rs.)Product Level Free Limits & Charges (in Rs.)
    Product NameJifi A/c
    Average Monthly Balance (AMB) in Rs.  NA
    Demand Draft/ Banker's ChequePayable at Branch Locations1/1000 (Min 40 Max 5000)*
    Payable at Non- branch Locations2/1000 (Min 40 Max 5000)*
    RTGSThrough Branch2 - 5 L: 25/ txn; > 5 L: 50/ txn*
    Through Net BankingWaived off
    NEFT**Through BranchUpto 10K: 2.5/txn;>10K to 2L: 5/ txn;> 2L: 25/ txn*
    Through Net BankingWaived off
    Fund TransferBranch & Net BankingNilFree
    Cheque BookDefault Cheque Book is Payable At-par OnlyUpto 500 leaves/p.m.- 2/leaf.;Above 500 leaves/p.m.- 3/ leafRs 5/- per cheque leaf
    Receipts/ Collections:
    Local Clearing Cheque NilFree
    ^Intercity Clearing Cheque 1.5/1000 (Min 50 Max 500)Free
    Out-station Cheque (Cheques drawn on non-speed clearing branches)Drawn at Kotak Branch Locations<10K: 50/Chq; 10K - 1L: 100/Chq; >1L: 150/Chq<10K: 100/Chq; 10K - 1L: 50/Chq; >1L: 25
    Drawn at Kotak Non - branch Locations<10K: 50/Chq; 10K - 1L: 100/Chq; >1L: 150/Chq<10K: 100/Chq; 10K - 1L: 50/Chq; >1L: 25
    Out-station Cheque (Cheques drawn on speed clearing branches) NilFree
    Fund TransferInwardNilFree
    Home Banking:
    On Call RequestsCheque Pick-up/DD Delivery/Cash Pick-up or DeliveryCheque/DD - 75/RequestCash - < 2L: 200/Request; 2-5L: 400/Request*
    Beat ServiceCheque Pick-up500 p.m.NA
    Cash Deposit & Withdrawal:
    Cash DepositsAt Home Branch Location5/1000 Min 100 per txn5/1000 Min 100 per txn
    At Non - home Branch Location5/1000 Min 100 per txn5/1000 Min 100 per txn
    Cash WithdrawalFrom Home Branch Location5/1000 Min 100 per txn5/1000 Min 100 per txn
    From Non - home Branch Location5/1000 Min 100 per txn5/1000 Min 100 per txn
    Automated Teller Machine (ATM):
    Kotak ATMsBalance EnquiryNilFree
    Cash WithdrawalNilFree
    Other Bank's VISA ATMs - DomesticBalance Enquiry10 per txn 
    Cash Withdrawal25 per txn
    Other Bank's VISA ATMs - International +(Debit Card-Classic/Gold/Paltinum)Balance Enquiry25 per txn*
    Cash Withdrawal150 per txn*
    ATM Txns Declined <In sufficient Funds>Kotak ATM25 per txnFree
    Non Kotak ATM25 per txn*
    Debit Card:
    Primary Card (Platinum CHIP)Issuance Fee750Free
    Annual Fee750 p.a.199 p.a. (Free for 1st year)
    Add-on Card (Platinum CHIP)Issuance Fee750Free
    Annual Fee750 p.a.199 p.a. (Free for 1st year)
    Card ReplacementLost Card200*
    Damaged CardNilFree
    VISA Global Assist USD 5*
    VISA Global AssistLost CardUSD 35*
    POS Txns Declined <>Insufficient Funds25 per txnFree
    Other Charges:
    Account Related
    AMB Non - maintenance <>Non maintenance charges per monthIf AMB < 50% of the required Product AMBNA
    If AMB >=50% but < 100% of the required Product AMBNA
    Account Closure Charges -Free
    Cheque Returns <>
    Cheques Deposited & Returned (Outward)Local150 per Cheque*
    Out-station150 per Cheque + Corr Bank Chrgs*
    Cheques Issued and Returned (Inward) & ECS returnsFinancial ReasonsUpto 3 returns - 350/instance; 4 th return onward 750/instance (per month )*
    Technical ReasonsNilFree
    SMS Alerts & Updates
    Balance (Daily/Weekly), Txn & Value Added Alerts SMS - 25 per QuarterEmail – FreeTxn - Free
    Bal - Weekly - Free
    Bal - Daily - NA
    Phone Banking
    Phone BankingIVR AssistedNilFree
    Agent Assisted25 per CallFree
    Charges Common for All Products
    Account Statements
    MonthlyPhysical/ EmailPhysical - 75/quarter; Email - FreePhysical -75/Quarter,Email - Free Monthly
    WeeklyPhysical300 per QuarterNA
    By EmailNilNA
    DailyBy Email OnlyNilNA
    Annual Combined Statement (Physical)Through Net Banking : Free Through Branch : Rs. 85, Through Phone Banking : Rs. 110 *
    Ad- hoc Statements RequestAt Branch/ Phone Banking<90 Days: 150*
    91-365 Days: 200100
    >365 Days: 1000100
    On Net Banking/ ATM50*
    On Mobile BankingNil (by email only)Free
    Standing Instruction
    Set-up 100*
    Execution NilFree
    Amendment 25*
    Failure <> 100Rs. 25
    Statement/ Certificate / Report Issuance
    Balance StatementOther than 31st March100100 - Current year
    200 - Previous Year
    Interest StatementDuplicate Only100100 - Current year
    200 - Previous Year
    TDS CertificateDuplicate Only200Rs. 100
    Signature Verification 100Rs. 50
    Photo Attestation 300Rs. 100
    Address Confirmation 100Rs. 100
    Foreign Currency Payments & Collections
    DD Issuance ~ 500*
    DD Cancellation ~ 500*
    DD Revalidation 500*
    TT Transfer ~Corr Bank Chrgs Borne by Beneficiary250*
    Corr Bank Chrgs Not Borne by Beneficiary1000*
    Cheque Collection~ 500*
    Cheque Deposited and Returned ~ <> 1000*
    Cheque Issued and Returned ~ <>Financial Reasons1000*
    Cheque Issued and Returned <>Technical ReasonsNilFree
    Miscellaneous Charges
    PIN RegenerationATM/ Phone/ Net Banking (only if sent through courier)50*
    DD/BC Cancellation / Revalidation 100*
    Fund Transfer Return <>Financial Reasons300*
    Technical ReasonsNilFree
    Cheque Purchase Charges 0.5/1000 per Day;* (Min 50, Max 10000)
    TOD Charges 500*
    Stop PaymentIndividual or Range100*, Free over NetBanking
    Inoperative Account Charges <>No customer induced transaction for a year50 / QuarterFree
    Activation of inoperative Account NilFree
    Record retrieval charges 100 / Request*
    Service Tax on Foreign Currency Conversion Charges (FCY) ~
    Value of purchase or sale of Foreign CurrencyService Tax Amount (with Swachh Bharat Cess) with effect from June 01, 2016  
    Up to Rs 1,00,0000.150% of the gross value or Rs. 37.50, whichever is higher  
    Above Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 10,00,000Rs.150 plus 0.0750% of the amount exceeding Rs. 1 Lakh  
    Above Rs. 10,00,000Rs. 825 plus 0.0150% of the amount exceeding Rs. 10 Lakhs, subject to Maximum of Rs. 7500  

    * Indicates Standard Charges are Applicable
    The Bank will charge cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions carried out on Debit Cards. The exchange rate used will be the VISA/Master Card wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction.
    Charges are exclusive of the Service Tax, Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC)& Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC). With effect from June 1, 2016 the effective service tax rate will be 15% on taxable value (14 % Service tax + 0.5% SBC+0.5% KKC).The service tax including cess is subject to change from time to time.
    + Additional charges levied by another bank on international ATM transactions will also have to be borne by the card holder.