Credit Rating

1860 266 2666

Local call rates apply

International RatingS&POutlook
Short TermA-3Stable
Long TermBBB-Stable
Domestic Rating
Co.DebtCRISILICRAIndia Ratings
KMBLShort term - CDA1+  
Long Term - Lower Tier II
Senior Subordinated debt
Long Term - Upper Tier II
Senior Subordinated debt
Infra Bond
Senior Debt
KMPLShort term debtA1+A1+-
Short term Bank Loans [BLR]A1+--
Long Term - Subordinated BondAAA/StableAAA/Stable-
Long Term - NCDAAA/StableAAA/Stable-
Long Term - Cash CreditAAA/Stable--
Long Term - Bank LoansAAA/Stable--
Nifty-Linked DebenturesPP-MLD AAAr/Stable--
KMILShort TermA1+--
Long Term - DebentureAAA/Stable--
Long Term - Cash CreditAAA/Stable--
Long Term - Bank LoansAAA/Stable--
Long Term - Subordinated DebtAAA/StableAAA/Stable-
KSLong Term - DebentureAAA/StableAAA/Stable-
Short term - CP-A1+-
KIALLong Term - Bank LoansAAA/Stable--
Preference SharesAAA/Stable--
Short Term DebtA1+--
CRISIL:Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (A Standard & Poor's Company)
India Ratings:India Ratings (A 100% subsidiary of the Fitch Group)
ICRA:ICRA Limited (formerly Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited) - An Associate of Moody's Investors Service.

Note: Ratings by various agencies are subject to regular revisions. Kindly refer to the respective agencies for the latest ratings.