Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB )

Service Coverage:  Hyderabad

Details Required: Please complete all details as requested for on the screen carefully and as per the latest bill received from Hyderabad Metro. A sample bill is shown on the screen for reference. Please put in your latest bill details as HMWS&SB does not accept Payments after due date.

  • Customer Account Number (CAN) : This is the unique alphanumeric number allotted to you by HMWS&SB. This is the 4-12 character number.

  • Customer Name: As in the current bill.

  • Bill Amount: HMWS&SB accept only full-payments; therefore you have to pay the entire bill amount. Also as HMWS&SB accepts payments only against the current bill, you can not pay more than the bill amount. In case of excess payments, HMWS&SB will reject the payment and will not adjust against future bills. Similarly HMWS&SB will not accept part payments.

Billing Frequency: HMWS&SB currently has a bi monthly billing cycle.

Payment of someone else's bills: You can pay someone else's bill. However, to do so you will need to enter the above details of the person whose HMWS&SB bill is to be paid.

Proof of Payment: For all payment made using Kotak Direct Pay and Payment Gateway services, you will get a confirmation screen showing details of the payments made. Additionally in your Statement of Accounts, all online utility payments will reflect. For example a payment of Rs 1254.36 towards a  water bill with Customer account number  as 061121328 to Hyderabad Metro-Mumbai on 15th of December 2004, will appear as -  <<15/12/2004  DP Hyd Metro 061121328  xxxxxxxxxx  Rs 1254.36>> where xxxxxxxxxx is the unique Bank reference no. that will display on your payment confirmation screen.

Disputes: In case of any disputes that you may have relating to the amounts billed to you, you will need to contact HMWS&SB directly. We will however definitely assist you in every possible manner to provide you with information on the payments that you have made.

Processing Time: We are responsible for ensuring that the payment as made by you using Kotak Direct Pay is sent to HMWS&SB by the next working day for all payments received before 5 pm on working days. However the time taken for your payment to reflect with HMWS&SB is dependant on time taken by HMWS&SB to process the payment. You should ensure that you pay using Kotak Direct Pay, only your latest bill, at least 2 working days before the due date as mentioned in your bill.

Charges: At present we are offering this service of making utility payments online absolutely free as a value added service for all our customers.