Bangalore Electricity Supply Limited (BESCOM)

Service Coverage:  Karnataka (Districts Serviced: Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Kolar, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Davangere)

Details Required: Please complete all details as requested for on the screen carefully and as per the latest bill received from BESCOM. A sample bill is shown on the screen for reference. Please put in your latest bill details as BESCOM does not accept Payments after due date.

  • RR Number: This is the alphanumeric number allotted to you by BESCOM . This is the 4-20 character number.

  • Location Code: It is the specific BESCOM sub-division where your BESCOM account is maintained. Please select your Location code from drop down list. (eg. 1110101)

  • Meter Reading Date: It is the day of the month when your electricity meter is generally read on which basis BESCOM prepares your bill (eg. Dec 15' 2004 is the day when meter was been read as per the bill than it would be 15 as the Meter reading date). Please select date from drop down.

  • Ledger Number: This is the alphanumeric  number allotted to you by BESCOM . This is the 1-6 character number as per your bill.

  • Folio Number: This is the numeric  number allotted to you by BESCOM . This is the 1-6 character number as per your bill.

  • Bill Number: This is the numeric  number allotted to you by BESCOM . This is the 1-12 character number as per your bill.

  • Bill Due Date: Please enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format.

  • Bill Amount: BESCOM accept only full-payments; therefore you have to pay the entire bill amount. Also as BESCOM accepts payments only against the current bill, you can not pay more than the bill amount. In case of excess payments, BESCOM will reject the payment and will not adjust against future bills. Similarly BESCOM will not accept part payments.

Billing Frequency: BESCOM currently has a monthly billing cycle.

Payment of someone else's bills: You can pay someone else's bill. However, to do so you will need to enter the above details of the person whose BESCOM bill is to be paid.

Proof of Payment: For all payment made using Kotak Direct Pay and Payment Gateway services, you will get a confirmation screen showing details of the payments made. Additionally in your Statement of Accounts, all online utility payments will reflect. For example a payment of Rs 1254.36 towards a  electricity bill with RR number  1EH4603 to BESCOM on 15th of December 2004, will appear as -  <<15/12/2004  DP BESCOM  1EH4603 xxxxxxxxxx  Rs 1254.36>> where xxxxxxxxxx is the unique Bank reference no. that will display on your payment confirmation screen.

Disputes: In case of any disputes that you may have relating to the amounts billed to you, you will need to contact BESCOM directly. We will however definitely assist you in every possible manner to provide you with information on the payments that you have made.

Processing Time: We are responsible for ensuring that the payment as made by you using Kotak Direct Pay is sent to BESCOM by the next working day for all payments received before 5 pm on working days. However the time taken for your payment to reflect with BESCOM is dependant on time taken by BESCOM to process the payment. You should ensure that you pay using Kotak Direct Pay, only your latest bill, at least 2 working days before the due date as mentioned in your bill.

Charges: At present we are offering this service of making utility payments online absolutely free as a value added service for all our customers.