Uday Kotak shares his vision for Kotak Group

The Kotak Way Of Working...

When you join us, you would have agreed to partake of an atmosphere that is:

  • Apolitical. We believe corporate politicians are an insecure lot
  • Quintessentially Indian. The Indian who is capable of making a mark for himself / herself anywhere in the world
  • Respecting of people's capability rather than their credentials or looks. No one here is hired for their looks! Any example otherwise is purely coincidental
  • Determined to be on the right side of the law always, whether economic, social or moral. History will bear us out
  • Humming in self-belief. Our work is an opportunity to create miracles. Again, history will bear us out

At Kotak Mahindra Bank, we emphasize the entrepreneurial spirit. Which means, you have to treat your work as if it were your own business. But "with great power comes great responsibility" and some cultural aspects we maintain close to our heart are:

  • A strong ethical framework: We won't comprise on our principles and our standards for high-growth.
  • Creative brain-storming, innovation and team-work: Sure you have to take the final call, but creative brainstorming helps you innovate, involve your team members and take the right decision.
  • Respect for the customer: We don't put up a front of "customer is the king", but actually believe that the customer has some point of view, and it is our responsibility to listen to that view and respond to it in the right manner.
  • A positive outlook towards work and life: If this is your business, then you need to treat it as such. We don't believe in people who come here thinking it is "just another job" or "just another bank".




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