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Rewards & Benefits

Rewards @ Kotak

From the moment you are part of the Kotak family, there's no stopping your career graph. You learn to create, innovate and add value to each operation. You grow in an environment with unlimited possibilities. Needless to mention that when you demonstrate competence and adherence to Kotak values, your ambitions and aspirations are also met.

Rewards at Kotak mean much more than just a pat on the back. They come in the form of:


Have you heard of the

Recognition And Career Enhancement (RACE) is once such program that is aimed at the entire Sales force of the Bank. It is a time-bound, automatic, transparent and structured program based on performance.

RACE - Recognition And Career Enhancement works on four basic principles of Passion, Pride, Progress and Prosperity

  • Passion to Perform
  • Pride in belonging to a winning team
  • Path to Progress in your Career
  • Prosperity in your life through attractive rewards and growth

RACE doesn't just reward you for good work, it takes care of your career.

Be a part of the Kotak family, and RUN - the RACE of your Life!

Iapplaud- The Language of Appreciation @ Kotak

I-Applaud is a platform which provides for informal recognition from co-workers, supervisors or even subordinates. Employees are recognized through on-line e-cards or hard copies of iapplaud cards. Effort or achievements are easily and appropriately recognized and applauded through this platform. On an average 350 e-cards are exchanged per month.

Hall of FLAME- Rewarding the Right Behavior as per our Value System

We are firmly grounded and guided by our core values and employee value proposition and believe in rewarding employees (through programs like Hall of FLAME) for exhibiting the right behaviors and exemplify the organization values.

Long Service Awards

To acknowledge the loyalty and dedication towards the organization, all our employees who complete 5, 10 & 15 years of service in Kotak are recognized through our Long Service Awards. This aims at appreciating the commitment that our employees make towards the organization.

Benefits @ Kotak

Employee well-being is obviously a governing theme at Kotak! The benefits we offer our employees are at par with the best.

  • Our Compensation packages, benchmarked with all the leading players in the industry to ensure a well-balanced attraction of potential talent and retention of existing employees.
  • We have a comprehensive medical assistance facility which covers a whole gamut of medical expenses that employees or their families incur.
  • Our responsibility towards new employees doesn't stop at salaries and compensation alone. We offer all possible help to facilitate their settling down including a Chummery accommodation.
  • Emergency loans are provided to all employees during contingencies including marriage, illness, death of a close family member or any other exigency.

Monetary benefits apart, we take interest in the personal well-being of our employees and that's our DNA!




The Kotak Way Of Working

The Employee Value Proposition
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