Uday Kotak shares his vision for Kotak Group

Excel >> Perform >> Grow

Joining Kotak will mark an important event in the life of our Bank and indeed for you. We value this as a symbol of a new relationship and are more than aware that this relationship is enveloped in hope. For us both! This step is one towards realizing our hopes.

We have always prided ourselves on our people. We aren’t sure yet whether we find the best or whether the best find us. But that’s a moot question when at the end of the day birds of a feather flock together.

When you join our bank, you would have agreed to uphold our heritage, light and free, natural and pleasant.

When you join us, you would have agreed to partake of an atmosphere that is:

  • Apolitical. We believe corporate politicians are an insecure lot.
  • Quintessentially Indian. The Indian who is capable of making a mark for himself / herself anywhere in the world.
  • Respecting of people’s capability rather than their credentials or looks. No one here is hired for their looks! Any example otherwise is purely coincidental.
  • Determined to be on the right side of the law always, whether economic, social or moral. History will bear us out.
  • Humming in self-belief. Our work is an opportunity to create miracles. Again, history will bear us out.

When you join us, you would have embarked on our quest to make modern history!




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