Uday Kotak shares his vision for Kotak Group

Group Company Movement

A huge pool of talented employees resides under our Kotak Group umbrella. To assist such talent in reaching their professional goals and meeting their career aspirations we allow them the opportunity to move across business/verticals/entities/geographies and build their cross functional capability.

In our endeavor to allow group company movement and help employees manage their career, we have introduced an Internal Job Posting process. At Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited, we have branded this process as Kotak Fast Track. True to its name, Kotak Fast Track opens up a plethora of opportunities for employees across Kotak vehicles. Open positions are made visible to employees, thereby encouraging those eligible for a job change. In the last financial year we have had around 50 employees cutting across all levels of hierarchy who have benefitted from this opportunity

Kotak Fast Track allows for an equitable system of applying and getting hold of multiple roles across the group's businesses and ensures a smooth lateral movement across the Kotak umbrella.




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