Uday Kotak shares his vision for Kotak Group

Career Path Mapping

Kotak offers a plethora of opportunities for employees across the group to develop themselves and realize their professional aspirations.
  • Dedicated induction program along with two weeks on-the-job training for front line-hires
  • Employees are assessed for potential (linked to our competency framework) and specific development plans are drawn up for them.
  • 60% of our open positions over the last five years have been met through role enhancements provided to employees.
  • Employees on outsourced rolls or trainees are given the opportunity for entry level rolls into the Bank with 5% of this pool comprising the total hires
  • Our internal job posting program, Kotak Fast Track also a widely used platform by employees to seek role movements. All open positions (except entry level) advertised through this platform across Kotak Group
  • Performance of all employees is tracked regularly and both ‘stars’ and ‘stalwarts’ are moved across businesses to encourage cross functional exposure and Talent Fungibility
  • Employees are informally mentored by manager/ leaders & groomed to take on larger roles/ assignments.




The Kotak Way Of Working

The Employee Value Proposition
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After Hours
Our CFOs are dedicated to make your after hours memorable.
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