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Rupee Savings Account

Manage your liquid funds effectively and effortlessly with our Rupee Savings Accounts. We combine the power of convenience banking with a well located network of branches and ATMs. Access your accounts from wherever you are and provide your family with easy access to your funds.

Rupee Savings Accounts combine complete liquidity with higher returns. We've designed a special "sweep-into-deposit" option called 2 Way Sweep that ensures that idle money in your account earns higher interest. 2 Way Sweep gives you the liquidity of a Savings Account coupled with the high earnings of a Term Deposit.

Choose the Rupee Savings Account best suited to your needs:

NRE Savings Account - for overseas funds.

NRO Savings Account - for income arising in India.

Rupee Term Deposits

Our Rupee Term Deposits combine attractive interest rates and easy liquidity. We also offer you a host of value-added services that help you manage your funds more efficiently. These include:

NRE Term Deposit - for overseas funds.

NRO Term Deposit - for income arising in India.

Foreign Currency Deposits

Our Foreign Currency Term Deposits are a unique opportunity to manage your overseas earnings effectively. Your funds not only earn attractive interest rates, they are also completely repartiable, and zero tax liability. More importantly they are completely hedged against any exchange rate risk.